Going to local TA night tonight - what to expect?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by gentleman_bastard, Jan 22, 2008.

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  1. Afternoon chaps

    I rang up the local TA unit yesterday and I'm going to their drill night later. I'm just wondering what to expect?

    Will it be like a tour of the place, meeting the troops etc? Should I take anything? Will there be some kind of chat/interview with somebody? A Q and A session? How long will I be there?

    As you can see not really sure so any comments would be appreciated.

  2. each unit seems to be different in the way they greet potential recruits, but expect a bit of hanging around, a few questions, a short tour and a hand-out/flyer/unit info. Anything else is a bonus!
  3. depends really
    when i joined i had already met some of them at a careers fayre
    they showed me round the place had a chat about myself why i want to join and stuff like that,
    but as i say every place is different
  4. You may get your application forms when your their. I had my first interview andi had a tour, spoke to the troops and talking about the unit. That was the 8th of Jan this year and now i have my selection on Feb 8th.

    P.S. I am joining The Duke of Lancaster's Regiment 4Btn. D Coy"Inkermen" (Infantry)
  5. If you are really lucky they will have the Hooter Girls brought in for PT, lots of star jumps, jogging on the spot etc.

    Or if it's a normal evening then you will have a chat with the recruitment bod who will explain the pros and cons of joining, why this unit is better than the others in the area, a look around the TAC, meet some other recruits then to the bar for a pint and informal chat.

    Remember, dress smart, be polite, ask loads of questions.

    Good Luck!
  6. Cheers lad - load of replies very quickly.

    Do you mean it about the hooter girls? Can't wait now!!!! :D

    Seriosuly thanks very much - I kind of know what to expect now!
  7. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    Pretty much what he said^ (bar the Hooters Girls). Look around, a chat with people going through / just finished recruit training, speak to the recruiting team and so on. Just what you'd expect really.

    Have fun!
  8. sounds just like when i went down LordVonHarley

    minus the hooter girls, :(
  9. This may be pot calling kettle black........

    I'd be very careful about what you've put up on this site. I already know a lot about your finances and where you will be tonight (and I could probably find out your name within an hour or two). Signals deal with a lot of sensitive information and its soldiers can be targetted for blackmail etc
  10. I can not confirm nor deny the use of Hooter Girls in PT but one lucky London TA bunch sometimes has FANY train with them. :D
  11. prayingmantis is spot on. I never got a tour. I got a quick "hello, sit there." followed by a fairly informal interview to suss out whether I was a complete nut who would try and steal grenades. I got my forms posted out later.
  12. there's a severe lack of female talent at my TAC
  13. As has been said before, dress smart (this is a job interview after all), be polite, take you wallet in case you are invited to the bar afterwards. Think about why you want to join the TA and why this unit. You'll get asked. You'll both (you and the TA) will need to make sure that you are suited to each other so think of lots of stuff to ask. Find out what trades are on offer and have a think about what you would like to do.

    Hope it goes well!
  14. Thanks Arby - some good stuff there. Seems like it can all be boiled down to:

    -Look smart
    -Don't be a pr@t

    Bit worried as I do have a slight stammer (seriously - not nerves just normal life since I was 12) but I've never let it affect my life before so why should I let it start now?

    Times approaching now...