going to catterick?intake dates?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by tochy01, Feb 11, 2008.

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  1. Is anyone waiting to go to catterick and do they know when the next intake is?
  2. my recruter said that if i pass selection i could be on the next intake in march for catterick

    ps sorry for spelling mistake
  3. when you at selection and what you applying for?gjwill
  4. im going selection this thursday 14th feb and appling for infrantry
  5. what regiment?
  6. im joining the riflies what are you going in as?
  7. i passed selection going in the paras get my date in a day or 2. They booked me on today.Woohoo cant wait to go up.
  8. im going catterick 23rd march should be easter sunday ive been told :D
  9. I'm off to Catterick March 9th..Can't wait. :lol:
  10. I'm at Catterick 24th Feb
  11. im so jealous i get my date tommorow. I HATE WAITING ARRRRRRRGGHHHH
  12. March 9th im off to catterick
  13. cool what you going in? i passed ADSC on the 31st of jan and they still dont have my date apparently they are very busy at the minute
  14. I'm at Catterick in a few days, can't wait :D
  15. Joining 1 Rifles tochy01

    Passed ADSC on the 15th Feb got my date on the 18th Feb in the post.
    Someone from my ACIO called me up on the day actually, like 30mins after i got home and asked how it all went and if i passed.