Going to Catterick, a few last-minute questions...

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Mr.Brown, May 16, 2008.

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  1. So I'm glad to say I made it through ADSC, got enlistment out of the way this week, and I've bought everything on the lists (I've been given two, sometimes lists of what to bring to ITC), I just have three little questions left:

    What attire would be advisable to turn up to Darlington in? I have a suit as well as an assortment of other "smart civlian clothing", however on the videos I've seen they showed recruits turning up in hoodies, would I be right in guessing a professional look would be better?

    Also the joining instructions say I should have an "appropriate Military hair-cut", does this mean I should get the buzz-cut before I turn up or do they simply mean a sensible hair-cut?

    Now, I know I'm asking for it with this one, but I'm begging for merciful replies: I have both speedo-type swimwear and a pair of board-shorts (its an Australian thing), I'll be taking both since I have nowhere to leave my other civvie gear (the Recruiters said this should be fine given my circumstances), which would be more appropriate to wear when we actually do swimming exercises? Please go easy on me here.

    I'm sure these are only minor details however I'm hoping to avoid looking like a mong as much as possible (I'm sure its inevitable to some degree), any help would be greatly appreciated. Also I like to say thanks for all the advice I've been given on this site over the last year, I look forward to being able to take up the baton and help out the newbies in good time.
  2. Just wear normal smart clothes, NOT A SUITE. As you have to wear the clothes until your issued uniform.

    Wear speedos if you want mate, but nowa days its kind of what looks good and speedos is what granddads wear.(Sorry grandads) LOL

    As for your hair mate, just short back and sides (Grade 1) and quite short on top, but you dont have to go bald.
  3. so your coming all the way from Melbourne?
  4. Ok well I have an alternative to speedos packed so I've got all my bases covered. Unfortunately no I can't satisfy requests for semi-nude photos since I've never actually worn the damn things, I bought them as a just-in-case solution back in Australia. Cheers guys, I think my present hair-cut should be fine since its already quite short and neat, although I'm expecting some stick over the colour...
  5. Nope, good point, it's about time I updated my profile info...

    I'm actually staying in Earl's Court, previously Wembley.
  6. Look I'm flattered, maybe a little curious, but the answer is no.
  8. Oh no the colour is natural, its just not particularly popular...

  9. I see, abit on the bright side then?
  10. Let's just say I was called a lot of names at ADSC and leave it at that.

    Edited for mong spelling/grammar.
  11. Does it begin with a G
  12. Solution wear the speedos it will take attention away from the ginger. I mean wear the speedos all the time not just swimming

  13. Good advice. You'd look a right cnut tipping up day one, week one wearing a sofa and a couple of arm chairs. :roll:
  14. What would be wrong with a suit? So what if you have to wear it until uniform is issued, can't be that long surely?
  15. Aussie, speedos, gin gerrr and dyslexia well i now where he is going mover Flash you have a new copilot.