Going to Berlin....by train

Discussion in 'Travel' started by blonde_guy, Oct 14, 2011.

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  1. I have never travelled the continent by train before, and am always up for a new experience.

    Is it easy to travel from the UK to Berlin by train?

    I would appreciate fellow ARRSEr's experiences and thoughts.

    Mainly: time, ease & cost.
  2. Last time I caught a train to Berlin, you had to submit your papers for examination by a Russian officer who inspected the train with his escort who was armed with an AK47. I'm sure it's much easier in this day and age. Good luck.
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  3. 35 000 Jews can't be wrong. Erm... wait... that was LEAVING Berlin by train. As you were
  4. I'm hoping to avoid any problems with the Soviets or the SS in this day and age.....
  5. my advice, muddle your way through on the ticket machines ,dont go to the ticket office unless you abosolutly have to ! they will charge you megga money and give you what looks like airline tickets and a nice wallet for the privilege. Steer clear of the ICE train unless you need a fast service at great expence ,take a good book you will waste untold hrs waiting around for trains !
  6. Book a schoneswocheneder ticket (here Schönes-Wochenende-Ticket) - 39 euro for you and 4 mates/rentboys anywhere in germany on the weekend. Have a look on the time tables page for which train has a bar and get that one.

    As for getting to germany, you use the dbahn site to book tickets from st pancreas into koln for 50euro+ with a few changes DB BAHN - TravelService - Your timetable
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  7. It won't take long on the ICE trains, they're F fast!
  8. And expensive! :grin:
  9. If you are going from the uk, its obviously eurostar, they did three rates last time I went, business class, standard and pikey. I had to get business last time (that volcano stopping all flights) it was 270 ******* quid. I did fill up my bags with the free booze/magazines/food in the business lounge. Anyway, take the Eurostar to Brussels, from there go to to Koln and get the direct train to Berlin. The boxheads have local trains that you want to avoid as they stop at every station and have very little in the way of facilities, I normally travel on the ICE trains whenever they are available (The cost more but are faster and have things like plug sockets, buffet cart etc.) It also not that expensive to go first class in Germany (Unlike the UK), its great to have the conductor/waiter serve you a cold beer in a real glass at your seat.
  10. Just remember that if the conductor wishes you "Good Luck" in English, don't under any circumstances reply back in English, or for you tommy ze trip will be over
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  11. And if the German's offer to pay for the trip - refuse. They will probably insist it's sealed and expect you to ferment unrest a little further East.
  12. CountryGal

    CountryGal LE Book Reviewer

    Book tickets in advance, we had to go into the ticket office for a ticket half way through our journey,40mins later and both the trains we wanted as connections had gone by the time we finally got the tickets - despite a germany speaker being amongst our party - complicated to say the least! defo use the machines
  13. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Good job you're leaving Britain then, as 'victors' in the great patriotic and cold wars there are Stalinist/Vichy bastards everywhere in the UK. I am myself currently planning a move to Berlin for a new start, earlier than planned as I was originally tasked here until Dec 2012. I think I will have to take my usual route which includes a boat trip to Rotterdam and a nod of the head to the Hague.