Going to Bardufoss any tips or advice etc

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by flynavy, Nov 22, 2005.

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  1. Am going to Bardufoss in January on detachment and living on the base (not hotels -boo hoo). I am just wondering what advice you can give have never been out there and what is it like etc, anything worth seeing or doing whilst there and what is food and accom like?

    any advice is welcome
  2. NO Hotels?? You poor soul!!!!!!!! Try living in a basha every time you go anywhere like the rest of us!!!!!
  3. Haven't been to Bardufoss since the dark ages but the one thing that is (militarily) interesting is to take a guided tour around the mountain. That sounds cryptic. It is. Ask when you get there and you will find it interesting. Apart from that, food and accommodation were (and I assume still are) of the NATO but not British variety. Socially, make friends with a few of the Norgies as there is very, and I mean VERY little else to do. Boozing in Norway is a second mortgage proposition. Home brew is the way but beware the onset of blindness. Fishing is an okay thing to do if you're that way inclined as is climbing the Eistint (Ice Mountain) and getting a certificate from the Eistintgubben (Troll) saying that you made it to the top - but watch out for the permanent ice slope short of the peak. Oh yes, a glaring glimpse of the obvious is that you'll be there in the dark! Despite all that, I had a grand time there in both winter and summer.
  4. The Snow is worth a look
  5. Wrap up warm
  6. Thought Iwould get this in first But DONT EAT YELLOW SNOW Sure it wont be the last time
  7. take lots of dosh as beer is ssssssssssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooooo expensive
  8. You can get a day's skiing pass for the local slopes, they also hire kit.

    As Rickshaw says have a look at the mountain.

    If you have time ask to go to Settemone range to watch the guys dropping some stuff.

    Have fun practising skid turns on the pan as it's all iced over.

    Eating out and any booze is bloody expensive, see if the UMO is planning to take some out,if not make sure you bring some of your favourite tipple.

    See pm.
  9. Ring the boys in 847, they'll give you sound advice
  10. Or probably anybody else that's on the det with you! :wink:

    Sids tip; Ensure your airframe is free from all ice/snow and fully function check your controls before take off !

  11. the pizza place in the town is small but good and if your going to go on the piss bye cans from the base and only drink shots down town as it is very very expensive.
  12. Daily routine:

    0700hrs - Reveille

    0730hrs - Breakfast

    0800hrs - Met Brief

    0830hrs - Night Flying
  13. Was on Clockwork last year and its bloody good fun. NSC is a blast, the food is provided by the Navy and is fantastic, loads of extra cash to throw at it. The Accomodation is really good to, 2 man rooms, some of them on-suite, depending which block you get into. There isn't a great deal to do in the local vicintity, but there is weekend trips to the smoke, worth going. Beer is really cheap in camp, so lots of great nights in the mess, black, brown or blue, is the local beers, sounds grim, but they arn't. Have a blast mate and as previously mentioned teake lots of warm kit.