Going to Africa in 6 days

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Howler, Nov 15, 2008.

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  1. Hi all,
    I've got the opportunity to meet a potentially good client in sub-saharan Africa in 6 days.
    I'd like to go, but am a little worried about little things like Malaria, Yellow fever, Cholera, Typhoid and HepA/B to name but a few.

    This has all been a bit of a fastball and I've had no jabs as yet.

    Now all the websites say take this, take that....to cover their arrses, however, do I really need all of that, or can I wing it and be relatively safe?
    A friend of mine told me to chew a few Larium on the plane, cover up, slap on a bit of DEET and hope for the best. Obviously it would be safe food/water/no sh*gging etc.

    It could be good business, but on the other hand I don't want to come home and die a slow lingering painful death.
    Any comments appreciated,
  2. It's possible you could be denied entry , especially with no Yellow Fever jab. Ditto Hep A and B.

    You could also have left it too late. You need to get an NHS advisory on this, but doesn't YF take 10 days to become effective?

    You need to be starting on the anti-malarials now, preferably a week ago.

    It's Africa , get all the jabs they say you need. Where are you going and how long are you staying?
  3. What country are you visiting and how long are you staying for?

    Are you serving Mil as that would help with the jab side of life if not do you know what jabs you are in date with?

  4. Thanks for the comments,
    Djibouti, for about 5 days
    I'm not serving mil and when I was in I didn't have, or need, any of the above vaccinations so I'm new to this.

    I can't really postpone the meeting, but will not go if too risky.

    It's not looking good, is it?
  5. Looks a bit late, yes. Would video calling do instead (advantage; you won't have to eat the food ;) )

    Perhaps if this is common in your line of work you should have the jabs at regular intervals so you don't need to worry about them when a short-notice job comes up?
  6. Not sure whether Djibouti enforces it, but some countries won't let you through unless your Yellow Fever jab has been taken at least 10 days prior to travel if you arrive from an infected area. I had to sit at Dar-es-Salaam arrivals for a day once because of that. However, if you get everything else in you should be ok. The real chance of getting YF isn't actually all that high (Djibouti isn't in an endemic zone). Don't touch Lariam; the risk from the filthy stuff is worse than the threat from malaria, and the cure is now readily available in the UK - locally, you'll be given quinine, which is a pain but better than nothing. Take a set of your own needles. Follow the advice your doc gives you on everything else. Don't touch the local binti.
  7. YF vaccination is only compulsory when coming from an area where YF occurs. If you fly from Europe you shouldn't encounter any problems at the border.

    There's no vaccination against cholera. Some countries insist you'll have a stamp from your doctor in your vac book, but that's not the case in Djibouti.

    Malaria: you could start Malerone. You'll need to start 24 hours before entering a malaria area + 7 days after you return.

    Hep A: you can prevent this by washing your hands properly (pref. with a dysinfecting soap). Don't eat raw foods (including salade). Don't have unprotected **** sex ;)

    Hep B: don't have unprotected sexual contacts or a blood transfussion...

    Typhoid: really hard to get when you're healthy. Again wash hands properly.

    There's always a risk when you're not inocculated. You have to make that decision yourself.
  8. Hello mate, have no time to read all the replies but jabs are HIGHLY reccomended,you will get bit,end up drinking shitty water etc, ring your GP and get an emergency booked.
  9. That should read don't have sex while in Africa, you will catch something. Don't even trust your hand.
  10. Just wash your hand properly and all's well.
  11. There are no required jabs for someone coming from the UK so you can have the jabs and go right away if you're willing to take the risk.

    I'd stock up on all the pills an potions you need before you go, there are a lot of counterfeit meds around so you know what you're taking is going to work.

    your call really, personally I'd go
  12. Despite what stanley tells you, there is a vaccine against cholera. I've not seen it given in years and there is a new one on the market now which is licensed in the UK. We didn't get the cholera vaccine for our little jaunt to Angola.
    We did use Peripel on our clothing as an extra measure against mosquitoes (who'd have thought that a female would be a blood sucking killer) I believe it can be bought easily enough.
  13. You're right there is a vaccination. I always get the "cholera not indicated" stamp and forgot about any vaccine for this.
  14. Just go you tart! :D !Anywhere i've been the civvy firm takes care of that sort of thing. :D Maybe your just scared? :wink:
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