Going to Afgan before phase 2 RMP.

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Macbot1, Feb 1, 2011.

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  1. Okay this is the story.

    I was speaking to someone yesterday about joining RMP, the discussion then went to how his mate who is joining RMP had just finished basic training in Pirbright and has now been sent to Afgan as Infantry!? He said his currently waiting for Phase 2 which is in May.

    Here was me thinking you have Phase 2 almost straight after Phase 1.

    Any ideas or is he bluffing?

  2. He'll go straight to phase 2 (less a bit of leave) and hold until his course starts. He won't go as a stop gap to Afghan.
  3. How long can the wait be between Phase 1 and Phase 2? Also if it is a long wait what would the recruit be doing?
  4. Load of bollocks! You don't do basic then go to Afghan for a bit! The Army will NOT send a recruit who hasn't finished training on Ops! He's bigging himself up!
  5. I call WAH!! and claim my £5!!

  6. Ye! Thats what I thought, utter bullsh1t! Anyone fancy answering my question!? :)
  7. He'd maybe get a bit of leave and then start ph 2 training. In most cases within 4 weeks. Any longer than that and he'd get put in the 'holding platoon' until a course was ready to start. Ask to see his medal. You'll know its genuine if it has his details inscribed around the outside of it. Number, Rank, Name and Corps.
  8. Being an rmp phase 2 instructor your man is talking bollocks. Plus there is a shit load of courses starting before may, my next course are still at pirbright so he's talkin arse. Send me a name and I'll check

  9. No chance, he would get eaten alive by the bods!
  10. Ok thanks, Ill get a name! Just passed my selection with a high B and got told phase 1 opening for RMP is 26th August!
  11. he wouldnt deploy as infantry without doing phase 2 infantry! bullshitter and a monkey... typical!
  12. You'll surely also need to do pre-deployment training?
  13. DCPG will still have to pass this tosser out of phase 2. Its not a pass or fail course anymore. Some of the tards that are getting to the field Army is proof of this. Name him, shame him and hopefully he will leave on his own accord.
  14. does anyone know the intakes for DCPG this year??