Going to ADSC soon.

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Ok, well, im trying to get into the army but apparently they are only recruitin people who score high in selection this year as there is so many people trying to join.

Apparently you get graded A-F (like in school). So, my question is, how fast should i try and get my 1.5 mile run in? And how many heaves, press ups and sit ups should be able to do to get a minimum grade B?

My mile and a half time was 9 minutes but ive been fucked up with the flu and stuff this last month:( I start training tomorrow again though and I wont be going to selection until march. Hopefully i have enough time to get fit for it :)
First thing would do is change the title of the thread to GOING TO ADSC SELECTION....before you get pounced on by WALT hunters and other evil ARRSERS. Second thing is look through the 1000's of threads and Stickys in this forumn and Training Wing. Thirdly put 100% in everything you do and listen to what the Careers Advisor tells you.
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