Going Soft?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by vampire_one, Dec 1, 2008.

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  1. Many eons ago I was a REME Air Tech. In those days the Army Air Corp did its basic training at Middle Wallop. The ethos was very clear, if a soldier on the ground was hurting or in need of help, the techs, ground crew and the pilots and aircrew moved heaven and hell to get to them. In short although the rule book did not go out the window the soldier on the ground came first and everyone worked together to help.

    Without Crab baiting we are all aware that for the RAF the safety of the aircraft comes first and foremost.

    My question is this. With the formation of the Joint Helicopter Force and the fact that the Army Air Corp is now doing its basic training at RAF CRANWELL is some of the RAF ethos rubbing off on to the young AAC pilots to the point where the soldier on the ground no longer comes first?
  2. With respect, I'm not entirely sure that your point is fair - at least not given the multiple DFCs and at least one CGC (although that one is in the public domain, it was barely noticed when mentioned in the London Gazette) awarded to the RAF SH fleet in the last nine years, all of them for doing things which suggest that the safety of the airframe wasn't foremost in the minds of those flying the aircraft.
  3. I'd like to know what your motive is for asking this?

    You may have heard of this recent mission;




    MoD link

    Hopefully the amount of gongs the chaps received for carrying out the mission may lay your fears to rest that the AAC has gone all soft and crab like.

    You will find that only the very first part of the Army Pilots course is carried out at Cranwell (basic fixed wing) with the basic rotary phase carried out in the joint services environment of Shawbury. Army students then move back to Middle Wallop for the remainder and most important phse - advanced rotary and conversion to type. Trust me, any crabism inherited in the early parts of the course are soundly beaten out of them on their return to Wallop.

    Edited to add;

    As Archi suggests, the SH fleet of today aint exactly shy of daring-do and helping the guys on the ground out. Welcome to the post cold war world of the 21st century.
  4. Having returned from TELIC, JHF-I did not, in my opinion, cover it's self in glory with the old "there's a cloud in the sky or I can't see 100 mile or the helicopter needs a service" routine. You will have to try harder to convince me.
  5. Are we not taught to deal with the threat before dealing with a fallen comrade, otherwise we end up with a big pile of bodies of those who tried to helpthe first fallen.

    Is this not what is happening with the helicopter assets. The last thing you want is your Casevac chinook being shot down when so many rely on the limited assets we have in theatre.

  6. I'll have to try harder to convince you????

    Fuck off you BAT cunt.
  7. Lord Flash hart
    Please excuse my poor wording of the question, the AH was never in dought. It is the SH that I worry about.
  8. Vampire, you may wish to look at where BATs now do their training - away from the Corps they directly support and away from Wallop and ask yourself; 'Do Air techs have the ethos of supporting the chaps they work with now'?
  9. Dont worry your pretty little remfing arse, The SH boys and girls do a sterling job supporting the blokes on the ground. True, they may not have the background of being on the ground as some AAC pilots do but non the less, they provide a good service.
  10. No longer being a Tech I can't comment, but I would like to think we did!

  11. In fact, I'll correct you. You obviously do doubt the ethos of the AAC because your opening gambit specifically pointed out that it was your concern. Don't try to back peddle.
  12. I was in the process of listing medal citations for SH and AH crews.......

    Its easier for me to call vampire a cnut though
  13. I know how it was in my day (Coward was a Lt) and I know what I saw on Telic 11. You figure it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. And I know what I've seen you write on this thread.

    You have gone from opening the thread suggesting AAC pilots are somehow losing sight of what their main role is - supporting the chaps on the ground due to spending a few weeks at Cranwell to then diverting your response to suggesting the crabs are a bunch of work shy back sliders.

    If I were you, I'd quit whilst you aint ahead.
  15. We all know what the crabs are, but try to stay on thread and answer the question