Going Sick..and all that is weak !!

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Reelaay, Mar 23, 2005.

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  1. DO you remember ....... going sick in number 2's (PT kit 'n' all) if (WE) re-introduced this would it deter those wnkers from skiiving off THE DAY B4, an Ex ?


    Do you remenber licourice bombs and Flying Saucers, pear drops Sherbert DIB DABS, .....sorry cold not resist that question??
  2. Yeah fair one Dont know how that happened (PS it was (is) Guinness) anyway answer the question !! Cnut
  3. BOW-MAN I have no idea how 3 of the same question was poste (relay Op after all !!)can yu get rid of 2 ov them !!

  4. HA HA :lol: seen you asking to get the other threads off. don't you just hate technology. I have a theroy Computer + beer = looking a tw@t. Gotta love it though
    BTW cant answer the question as i have RSI and cant type anymore I might go sick!!
  5. The People going sick would probably get out of wearing No2's by showing a tailors chit, proving that their No2's are having some form of ALTERATIONS being carried out!! :roll:
  6. FK yeah (to both questions :lol: )
  7. Yea what a good idea, especially when ur in bed dying of flu and you have to get in your 2s wait in the med centre for hours so you can get a chit saying that you can have the day in bed. Yea mint lets bring that back!
    (You can replace flu with anything btw)
  8. MM, agree - alterations due to having spine removed, combined with onset of massive belly due to alcopop consumption !!
  9. What about Black Jacks, Fruit salads and Aniseed twiest nd cough candy
  10. Hi Ground ..I'm Glad you agree !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. by the way you never die of flu you cnnut!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Admin - BOWMAN - Headache pse get rid of 2 of the 3 of these threds (A) as I can only relphy to 1 (thick as mince ) will get a hang of it cheers

    ...........preferably the ones with the least hits !

  13. By pure amazing technological wizardry three becomes 1
  14. :twisted: By the looks of it reelay you need to go sick !!!!!! Just tell the nurse/doctor you have a technophobia problem !!!!!

    Highground - For every person dying of flu (can u die of flu ?) there is probably 8 with no symptoms bar a lack of spine so if you did have to wear your No2s with pattern 58 knapsack packed with overnight kit you would be seen quicker !!! The point being from the title is that if you did bring this back then you would see a drop in numbers in Medcens and then you could get back to your bed quicker !!!!!!!

    PS For your info best time to go sick is Friday morning. I know I can't figure it either !!!!! Oh hold on what comes after Friday ??? aaah the weekend. Time to go home to mummy and get the kit washed.

    Happy Easter to all especially the little furry bunnies :twisted: :twisted:
  15. How about as well as a leave record card we have a sick parade card. We could have some form of score card :)

    Report sick 3 times in a month, lose a days leave
    Report sick 4 times in a month lose 2 days leave
    etc etc

    Wonder if that would work :wink: