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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by thisisazza, Nov 23, 2009.

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  1. im currently in the process of joining the Royal Wessex Yeomanry - Royal Armoured Corps and i was wondering would i get the oppurtunity to do a tour with an infantry regiment if i requested thats what i wanted to do ?
  2. F*ck all frankly. More to the point why don't you just join an Infantry unit and thus guarantee yourself a tour with a Infantry battalion?
  3. Forget it. You need to do CIC(TA) and to do that you need to be an infantryman.
  4. If that's what you want to do I can't help thinking you've joined the wrong mob, that said the RWxY has had quite a few guys go on tour and a bunch have just got back. Why not ask them what they did on tour, you might find its what you're after or not. Either way best to find out now than go through training get traded and then decide its not what you want.
  5. If you're only just joining then you are still well over a year away from a chance of doing a tour. During the Telic tours, the wessex mob got alot of time in with the Infantry as Warrior drivers and the similar jobs applies to Herrick, so there are oppotunities to go out with an Infantry battalion, but not as an Infanteer.

    Focus firstly on getting trained to the required level so you are eligable for an Op tour, then speak to your Unit PSI about what tours/roles are available.
  6. Er, really? I served in an infantry battalion in Sangin this summer and
    a) we never had any armour including warriors and have not heard of any warrior deployment in theatre. All our own vehicles were driven by our own drivers.
    b) The only yeomanry bods I saw were camera systems operators for the FOB based ISTAR assets. They spent their entire time gazing at a computer screen in an air-conditioned ISO container.
    c) The Light Dragoons were in Helmand south with CVRTs so maybe they employed a few Yeomanry geezers in that role.

    Like I said above mate, if you want to play at being an Infantryman, why not just become one? Yes blokes/blokettes from other arms do tag along on foot patrols (mostly medics, but also the occasional SIB, dog handler or combat engineer) and much respect to them for having the balls to come out with us, but they have specific specialised taskings and fairly few in numbers to comrades in capbadge who sit it out behind the wire.
  7. Well if you read what I actually wrote I said during the Telic tours they were employed as Warrior drivers, there are silmilar roles, albeit different vehicles, although Warriors have been deployed in Afghanistan.
    There is more in Afghanistan than just Helmand and Sangin.

    I agree that if he wants to do infantry tours then he should join the infantry but being a different capbadge doesn't rule out deploying with and infantry Bn.
  8. Yes I did read what you actually wrote and as I responded in my post, all our own vehicles were driven by our own drivers. If you know different I'd be interested to know exactly which vehicles your guys are driving us around in out there.

    I am also aware that a vast swathe of Afghanistan lies outside Helmand Province, however given that the only British infantry battalion currently outside Helmand is the theatre reserve (Black Watch whilst I was there) who deploy almost exclusively by helicopters I doubt any cav/tankie type is going to have much luck attaching to them as a driver.

    I also know that other capbadges deploy with Inf battalions. We come complete with our very own cooks, clerks, MPs medics etc. And as I mentioned above, a few of these guys actually come out on the ground with us. We even had a couple of Yeomanry blokes attached to our BG, though the closest any of those blokes got to going on a foot patrol was walking from their wankpits to stag on in front of a computer screen.
  9. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Where are you joining the yeomanry?
  10. It happens. One of the RWxY lads was attached to 5 Scots a while back. In the normal scope of things tho' the guys are deployed into a role that they're trained in. So for the RWxY guys it'll be something to do with armoured vehicles, or they'll get trained to do a specific role - such as ISTAR and go as a formed unit generally.

    Which Sqn are you joining?
  11. funny, i did a couple of ops with the RTR in vikings dismounted and i am now RLC. Fish around, there may be a few jobs you are eligable for.

  12. That is just your unit, maybe you had enough drivers, some units don't. Whilst on road moves all our Mastiff drivers were RHA. On other occasions RLC and Scaleybacks.

    You seem to forget about the British contingent in Kabul, where patrols on foot and by vehicle take place each day.
    Just because that's what happened on your tour doesn't mean the next will be necessarily the same.
  13. Id avoid deploying with any of the yeomanry units for the next few years, unless sitting in an iso container for six months loking at a computer screen appeals.
  14. Sounds to me like life in an ops room in any regiment.

    The Royal Yeomanry has been deploying (and will continue to deploy) blokes as IRs to the formation recce regiments on HERRICK (driving/commanding Viking, Jackal, Mastiff, Scimitar, Spartan), as well as contributing people to the ISTAR gig, sending a couple of bods away as JTACs/FACs, and the usual other random jobs. I believe the same is true for the other Yeomanry regiments. See this website (link).

    So unless you know something I don't, old chap, you are talking out of your sweet lily-white ass.


  15. Thank you, the exact point that I also was trying to put across!
    There ar many roles in theatre for guys in the Yeomanry, even other capbadges that don't consist of sitting in front of a computer screen in an air con iso.