Going on tour reward ?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by thecoops, Apr 28, 2010.

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  1. Since when has going on tour been a reward ? You always get if don't turn up for this weekend you can,t go on tour and you've got to go to camp or your can't go on tour. getting you bounty yes but going away from your loved ones to go to a shit hole to get shot at and blown up
  2. Dude, never go full retard
  3. why'd you join the TA?
  4. Ahhhh just in it for the cash are we?????

    You are the type who whines in the last week of March, that you havent had time to do camp and wont qualify for the your bounty

  5. It's no wonder the regs hate the TA.

    You don't go to camp, you don't go to your training weekends, then you expect to go on tour with a professional Army, and not look a cnut? Bore off.
  6. Don't get me wrong i've been away and im going again . It just seems to be the atitude in the TA at the moment that going away is a good thing.
  7. nob: i know i want to join the TA

    TA bod: you know you going to get deploy with in 3-5 years

    nob: nah i wont im a STAB im only her for the bounty

    TA bod: you do know you have to do 27 days training and complete all your MATTS

    nob: nah my mate said i could skive out of most of it.

    Reg: F0CKING S T A B#

    spad: shakes his head in agreement

    editted due to above post to add: i take it back to some degree then
  8. Raison d'être
  9. Perhaps because at present some of the tours that the TA go on are Tasty or a bit high profile. Most TA units are close to full strength so therefore are able to pick and choose who goes and who doesn't.

    I.e. those that are qualified, indate and current as well as committed and may have completed extra courses to better themselves or because they are relevant to a specific job role.
  10. You're lucky enough to have the choice.......to tour, or not to tour. If you want to tour, and are prepared to put the time in, why complain?
  11. If only people actually read the post.

    Coops is clearly saying that his unit are pretending that they'll not let him go on tour if he fails to attend such-and-such a bone weekend.

    Sure, some Regs hate the TA ( thought that most Regs had grown out of that ) but without stabs, your workload would be even higher. Les R&R, more time away as augmentees would need to come from other Regs, etc.
  12. Lets see! a chance to go away and do the job you have trained for for real?
    A challenge out of your comfort zone

    A chance to prove yourself next to your regular counterparts and gain their respect.

    Add to the full pay whilst your away and a tax free rebate, plus potentially more cash from your employer or higher rates of pay whilst serving.

    All of which, to me would be rewarding!
  13. Bone weekends???

    Oh right you mean training weekend those things that if you attend, get you ready to deploy?
  14. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Is it a case of a tour being a reward for attendance or (as I suspect) attendance on certain training weekends and annual camp being a prerequisite beat-up training for an upcoming tour?

    If you're in an Infantry battalion, penny to pound it's the latter as DIE has taken over the the training schedule for any battalion tasked for sending blokes on Ops in the near future. As DIE training is often progressive (I'm thinking of the Live Fire Training here), certain weekends are in effect going to be 'unmissable' if you want to go on tour.
  15. we both know that some weekends can be bone!