going on the coldstream guards insight course!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Asherz, Jan 16, 2009.

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  1. i`m leaving leicester at 8.30am tuesday. recruiter thought it would be a good idea to guage how my fitness is...but he`s a coldstream guard so i`m thinking he is just tryin to get me to join coldstreamers for his bounty lol.........what should i expect to be doing over the 3-4 days course he mentioned something about the 5 sisters or 5 hills .. anyone know what that is ?

    any info would be great did a search and only came up with officer and para and r.a insight courses
  2. i was going to go on that one aswell, but choose 10th - 14 of feb your recruiter sargent wragg? anyway posted as i wouldnt mind finding out more aswell.
  3. he is indeed lol local lad aswell aint he.

    gota go in monday pick up my warrent and meet the other lad am going down with. told us we have to exchange numbers the lot lol. i aint good with early nights so mondays gonna be a bitch.
  4. hi dude, im joining the coldstream guards and got my ADSC in 4 days time with them, i done the look at life course and know exactly what you will be doing so heres a brief summary

    1st day: hand in consents forms,sort bed kit out and put clothes away,lunch, PFT (personal fitness test) which consists of max amount of pressups and max amount of situps in 2 minutes (44 for both is the pass mark for coldstreamers), and the bleep test (pass mark on bleep test is 10.6 to give you an idea so just keep running). after PFT go back for shower etc,dinner and bed

    2nd day:timed run, you jog the 2 mile course with everybody and the seargent to warm up then sprint as fast as you can the way back down over the 4 sisters which is 4 big bollocking hills (another pointer after the 3rd sister the 4th hill is nearly flat so run as fast as you can after that). you will get very wet and muddy throughout the run trust me so dont worry about it. after you get your time you go back for shower and put your wet clothes in the dry room and have lunch, after lunch its the assault course which is amazing mate

    thats the main part of the week done, aside from that you will go to london for one of the days to see the guards at windsor and buckingham palace and to see the sights, you have the icebreaker to do in front of everyone aswell but its not that bad just speak for atleast 2 minutes then after that you get an interview with the seargent if you want to join the coldstream guards

    just have fun on it and do NOT put hands in pockets,cross arms or talk when walking in rank or everyone gets pressups in puddles

    if you want to know anything else about the course just ask me mate as i was on that about 2 months ago

    hope that helps
  5. hooo!

    the 4 miler must be the 5 sisters or something the ssgt wragg mentioned to me. i`ve done near enough a 3 miler before but thats all. also i have no suit so i dont know what i`m going to do about the smart dress approach to guard change over :S. assault course should be a good crack. the good thing about it is that the test dont in anyway affect your application for the army but notes do get sent to your recruiter. as ssgt wragg said to me... you could get sent to selection fail on fitness and get defered for 3 months.. were as if you go here and info notes get sent back that you are lagging etc you will only be held back till the next selection. last 3 mile run i did took me about 25 mins maybe a bit more. be a good laugh eother way and a good weeks worth of pt so its all thumbs up from me. aint fittest person out there may lag behind the others there but i`m looking forward to all the army standard pt. and footy wooot
  6. yeh the 4 miler has the 4 sisters (4 big hills), all you do mate is jog with everyone the course then run at best effort yourself back the last 2 miles. its not that hard just do not stop running ever.

    can guarantee it will be the assault course you enjoy the most aswell,so much fun but scratched knees and elbows :p

    for the day at london you dont HAVE to wear a suit but the smarter you are the better, i myself wore black trousers,black shoes,smart shirt and tie
  7. lol jesus al be lagging behind me thinks

    is the run a fast pace or a steady one ?
  8. im going to have the same problem im not fit i run my 1.5mile in 12 mins and ive only ever done a 3 mile jog longest which also took me 25 - 30 mins :p also ive not run for 3 weeks because of a dam chest infection so im going to suffer! :roll:
  9. is there one of those charts for the look at life course in catterick??

    Good luck in your application guys!
  10. not sure mate i got that off the coldstream guards site
  11. lol i had a shitty cold for 2 weeks so i wasnt able to do my run as i ended up coughin my guts up when i tried... did a 25 minute run yesterday to set me back off now i`m aching like a jew.

    i suppose the best thing i can do is just give it my best at least there is no pass fail part of it its just an insight. plus i dont really wanna join coldstream guards lol i`m just using it as a insight to army life and a weeks proper army style fitness workout
  12. to be honest im just worried about the train jorney down to the furthest ive ever been on the train is hinckley to leicester Haha im going to get lost on the london underground without a doubt :p

    good luck with it anyway
  13. wrgg will give you all the sheets so you dont get lost lol. and if you do i will laugh at you lol.

    i best get some press ups in :S altho i have pulled a muscle in my back!
  14. the 2 miles run up in your squad is at a jog with short bursts of sprinting to warm up, the run back down is individual best effort so you run as fast as you can, just give it 110% and you should be ok, my 2 miler time was 13:05 and i wasnt running at full pace as i didnt know how long i had left but after the 4th sister its only about 3/4 mile left so sprint it mate