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Discussion in 'US' started by grey_man_2, Oct 25, 2012.

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  1. Hi All,

    Now, it's been mentioned many times that the Americans seem to adore their military, in as far as services and businesses go. It's also been mentioned that this extends to us Brits. I'm heading over there in February, and I was wondering if somebody who has seen this in action would care to tell me where the most useful and accommodating places to identify oneself are? That, and how best to go about it?

    Not that I'm trying to big-time it, British modesty and all that, but if, say, it would ease the pain of international air travel, then I'd be all over it!
  2. WHY THE **** is this is in current affair? Pardon my French.

    Edit: Also, they like Brits in Guantanamo - could be useful, just saying.
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  3. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    If you are going to Boston, and in the Irish bars, you have a choice. You can either not allude to any military service, and have a quiet and pleasant night, or you can make yourself known as Brit Army and be prepared to be bored to death by plastic paddies who dont really have a clue about Norn iron and Ireland in general. It doesnt tend to get nasty just unpleasant.
  4. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Just turn up in Twos with your gongs swinging in the breeze.

    That, and a UK accent, and the birds will be all over you.

  5. Try the search function or look in the travel threads.
  6. Well it didn't work for me. I could have been wearing a three-piece pinstripe and bowler - and been driving an Aston Martin - and I still wouldn't have been laid. The US is the only country I been to that I've never scored a jump in.
  7. Mate, not many folk know that producing your ID card at any BA check-in desk gets you an automatic upgrade to Club along with a act of oral-genital gratification from a member of the cabin crew - and some of those blokes can suck a golf ball through a garden hose.
  8. You see, you simply had to ruin a potentially good wind up with oral gratification.
  9. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    It's obviously your magnetic personality, supremely manly good-looks, and charm that was responsible.
  10. I love the states but it does piss me off how they were happy to have collections and send money over, do that now for another group and you get a free orange jump suit

    Just ask if their military discount applies to British forces and show them your ID. Discounts get given out all over the shop to all sorts, just make sure they know your a Brit and not a frenchie, They're not that good at accents in the middle, might be harder in peak season. Personally I've never liked asking but there was only the two of us
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  12. Be prepared to be asked if you are Australian, especially on the West Coast. Many outlets do Military Discount but don't expect it to be universal. In my experience anywhere offering discount to US Servicemen will be happy to extend that privilege to Brits, the secret seems to be to ask nicely.
  13. Goldbricker, that was not a whine and not about the whole US just a point of fact. Collections were made in many of the pubs around me and in some of them if you weren't known you weren't welcome.
    Just pissed at the double standards of supporting the IRA good, AQ bad anyway **** it.

    Theres nothing I like more and have done more often than going to NY and getting slaughtered in an Irish bar on the east side, just being a Brit got a few drink tho I have a hazy memory of trying to buy drinks for a whole drum band once
  14. I was in Tennessee/Georgia/South Carolina in April this year and quite a lot of businesses did a discount for forces and veterans, all of them were quite happy to extend it to me.
  15. The Midwest are pretty forces friendly, and most places advertise a discount of some sort. However, would you not feel like a big-timing prick for asking?