Going MTI

Ok so i have been selected to go MTI at phase 1. Now i cant decide which is gunna be best for my career, fullscrew recy mech with two options,

a) go mti, no tours and some stability as wife is preggers. Qualified to give all MATTS when return to trade in 2-3 years.

b) stay at trade, go on tour and do the business. Love doing this job and not too sure what MTI will be like

Any advice or previous Knowlage of soldiers doing this
tough one to call mate, stability versus doing what you love. I gather from the tone of your post that you love going on tour (or if your like me, feel guilty if your not being in the thick of it) but unless you genuinely believe that you would enjoy training up the next generation (and all the shit that it entails) then i would stay in trade as you would be doing it for the wrong reasons and may do more harm than good. having said that, it is easy for me to say as i am not the one with a sprog on the way. hope my twopence helped, good luck and congratulations!
do it, you are in a non artificer feeder trade some good CR's, it will set you up for life,

in this world one thing counts in the bank large amounts........... higher the rank bigger the pension

i recently finished my tour as an MTI at bassingbourn, it was a good experience,

one i will say is do not be fooled the hours you put in are long and things can be at times stressful. me personally i loved it, got posted early for tiffy course so things are slightly worse !!!! but i would return any time.

did not get the full quota of quals due to early posting but yeh go for it.

all the above is true, good cr material - shows breadth and depth and the ability to do a job outside of your spec.

hope it helps....
If your wife is pregnant and you have been offered the stability....... look after her and watch your kids grow up!

2 -3 years will fly by and your Recy Mech job will be waiting for you!

you will have gained skills that will make you stand out from your peers when you return to trade.

Go for it... you know how to be a recy mech, Learn something new! "Knowledge is power!" -Some old polotician bloke said that!!
Seems the advice is the same as I gave you a year ago when I first put the idea into your head. I was waiting to see what others posted first, but I think it's safe to say go for it. You've already got as much as you can out of your trade (class 1 is it for recy mechs as you know) so add strings to your bow that your more lazy peers won't bother with and you will go far.

You're welcome in my fitter section any time.
Think very carefully about making the step to MTI as it can really back fire, both A close friendand I both got offered an MTI post, i was very keen to go but pulled out at the last moment due to many reasons, he went, i went on tour etc, 5 years later he is still a Cpl and i'm a Staffy,we both had about the same grades on CR's however, i got the extra points for OP's,etc. I still have just as many spec quals as him but when i run a range it's considered as on top of my normal work and not as my job, so like i said be very careful, and remember what will you be happiest doing Recy Meching,or drilling shouting get accused of bulling,assault, or even rape these are all charges bought against MTI!!!! not good for an Army career

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