Going Large On A CV


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What that does even mean? Enlighten this "septic" guy!
As Betty has seen fit to issue with a Brit passport you will drop the "even."
How's it going?
I would sell out for £70k in fact might even sell the mother in law if anyone wants the old hag.
She moans more that a porn actress being serviced by ben dover, so lucky the wife is not a vile gobshite.
He was an investigator for the DSS in civvy street whilst being a platoon commander in the TA. Apparently there was a stink about him trying to access his troops' records to check for doley violations - that kinda sums up the type of self-serving **** that he was.
Hmm. Would that not be a rather clear and obvious DPA breach?
No doubt one or more of these ACF people has annoyed you in some way, but I don't see any of them claiming "to uniquely Command 200,000 Iraqi troops – double the number of soldiers commanded by any living British or European General."
How do you command anything uniquely? Does that mean in a unique way - unlike anyone else? His ‘unique’ way might be that he commands them only in his head.

Btw he is 2 removed from me on Linked In - scary!
I would say go all in with your CVs..fake it till you make it....have you seen the amount of crap they post in job listings even for the most basic shit? According to them, you have be a rocket scientist to enter some numbers in a spreadsheet....f-k em!

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