Going Large On A CV

I suppose we live in an age of bullshit - where telling the truth is regarded with suspicion. The trouble with OJARs and SJARs is that the individual depends on the report writer not disliking them, knowing what they do, and being able to write. They also depend on the reader lacking bias and being able to pay attention to detail.

360 degree reporting would be revealing!
Not bullshit - it's called casting shadows!
Commanded 200,000 Iraqi soldiers? This presumably means he was CGS of the Iraqi Army circa 2002...
Yep. According to his Linkedin profile he unexpectedly did that as a Lt Gen. and Chief of Police and some other stuff that's not real either.

Fair play to him though, he's not holding back on the tales on pretty much every forum he can find. at least he has some (albeit limited by his lack of spelling and grammar)ability in creative writing.
If I were to type 'Fat middle-aged Paedo' into Google images, this would be on the first line of hits

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Well he’s shagging Victoria Coren & is all over radio & TV. Not done badly since we were at School together ;)


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Well he’s shagging Victoria Coren & is all over radio & TV. Not done badly since we were at School together ;)
If you reckon he's David Mitchell then ok he's not done badly in his career.

If you think he's who he claims to be and is pomping Victoria Coren then "not done badly" needs a serious revamping at Cave Plume.

Even David Mitchell could kick his lardy arse without breaking into a sweat.
Mine for years showed I was an APJI on the basis of a basic free fall course at JSPC(L). If I’d been back in the TA or with the cadets when I discovered this might have bunged the wings up ;)
Mine showed me as having a medal that I certainly have no recollection of being awarded.
The £18BN change programme is definitely the Defence Training Review, which he worked on as an SO1. He was charged with preparing a dataset demonstrating course pass rates over a period which would allow a baseline to be established against which betterment could be measured.... IIRC he gathered the wrong data, which caused all sorts of problems....
Jesus H Christ, if that is the case it is no wonder defence is F**ked. That should not be a job for an SO1. Even an AR one.

I have band 4 analysts doing the same sort of job in the NHS.

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