Going Large On A CV


Only read the first few lines because I could feel my eyes beginning to bleed.

Do you think that he meant "harrowing" rather than "hallowing" and doesn't know what either really means, or spellcheck fucked him over and he's too bone idle to proofread?
It says he has a first in an MBA, I thought the highest award in a Masters degree was distinction.


.... incidentally I recently received a CV for a rôle I was recruiting. The guy had worked as a subby on one of our sites.

He exaggerated that to say he ran the HS&E department for the EPC .

What undid him in this teensy white fib was that this was my job, during the dates he had claimed.

Awkward for him during the subsequent telephone interview.
Blimey he makes me look thin, and whoever is his official photographer should be shot for crimes against photography
Hey, let's show a bit of respect here.

This man has commanded 200,000 people; as a STAB half-Colonel.

Bet none of you lot have ever done that.......

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Just finished reading the Steven Windmill one. I've never heard of the man I'm sure everything he has put out is checkable, if it's true then he is one remarkably clever lad. I take it from some of the comments, Mr Windmill has his detractors within these hallowed walls.

What's the deal with the guy? If there is one.
I want to take the piss, but he's just too damaged. He needs help.
Oh come on

Steven is now a Lieutenant Colonel. Has his time in the TA helped him with his civilian career? Very much so! As an army officer he learned how to project his personality and install confidence; developing those dynamic leadership skills that win battles and underpin hyper-growth businesses. Military (especially TA) officers are by nature more flexible and capable of making effective snap judgements. According to Steven, when in a ‘crisis’, it’s often better to make an immediate decision so that your team has a plan to follow; rather then wait for that ‘perfect’ plan - along with demoralised staff, saying “…any plan is better than no plan…”.
For this he should be beaten like a lethargic seal.

Okay just read the other two parts. I can't be bother googling so I'm still none the wiser, is he a good guy or w@nker?
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