going into the regiments

when you have passed selection and all that do you choose which regiment you want to go into within the royal artillery eg. if you wanted to go into AS90?
or do they pick and you just go?
thanks very much
I remember we were all just given a Bty/Regt and BFPO number and told to go look at the map. :roll:
Mate, sorry just came across your message. Not sure if you have had a reply yet, but just in case. Here goes.

During week 7 of your training at Pirbright, assuming that is where you are you will visit Larkhill. Whilst there you will receive briefings on which Regts are where and what they are up to. You will also receive briefings before hand from any Gunner DS at Pirbright. You will then have to make a choice according to the job you want to do, location also comes into it, but bear in mind that if you pick AS90 and choose 1st Regt, 4th Regt and then 19 Regt, you may not get any of those and may end up with 26 Regt.

You should then try and familiarise yourself with your choice, by the time you get to Phase 2 at Larkhill you should be fairly clue'd up. You do have an opportunity to change your mind whilst at Phase 2 but you must have a good reason, and be prepared to explain your reasons why to the BC.

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