Going insane

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bradshaw, Jul 7, 2006.

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  1. Probobly get some abuse for this but am used to it. :)

    At 17 i think of myself as pretty observant, ive been told i think to much and it is undoubtedly right. Been thinking about the snipers and IED's etc in places like iraq and stan and sometimes (Im told it still happens) in N.ireland. Recently came to me that bullets and IED's arent particularaly selective in who they hit or wound or kill. A bullet could hit any man out of a hundred, just because they are the best or the worst soldier in these 100 men means nothing, a bullets a bullet and a bombs a bomb, call it luck or whatever i dont know. But how do/did you people live knowing that at any time an unseen sniper or IED could hit you? Im not even in the army yet and i think im going insane thinking about it, especially as no measure of training can prepare you for something like that?

    Help my hurting brain please :)
  2. The nightmares don't help. My hands shake and I can't sleep most nights.

    I don't so much toss and turn as toss and toss.
  3. I think training can help prepare you actually. Although others may disagree.
  4. Get on with your job and don't think about it too much - its possible to train yourelf to do this
  5. Its fate...If its gonna happen, its gonna happen....

    Worrying about it wont help or prevent it....So forget the possiblilty, pay attention during training, and enjoy yourself.
  6. Life is a fragile thing, you could be killed crossing the road. Don't piss your life up the wall worrying about what-if's.

    Besides, if some fcuker blows your head off or turns you into pink mist, you'll be too dead to actually care about it.
  7. Hmmm. Wonder if Baldrick does IEDs as well as bullets.
  8. Cut around thinking your invincible, works for me :D
    No honestly, you worry about if for the first couple of days when your out in those exotic places, but then you just take it in your stride if it's going to happen it's going to happen!
  9. ....Not even in the army yet?
    The only thing you should be worrying about is the bum beastings you'll be getting off your full screws at depot!
    ENJOY bradshaw ...... im sure they will!
  10. Tend to think, has someone had a shite in a bag and put it in my kit? or has someone messed with your tooth brush and now it tastes of bum gravy?

    Or how you are going to play jokes on others of equal if not worse consequence.
  11. Couldn't agree more!!
  12. i find if you don't stop killing you don't get time to think about it

    ran out of enemies, old ladies and children die so beautifully
  13. Dont worry about it! the kit you will get is first rate, bullet proof and everything safe as houses, honest.
  14. 1. think you are invincible.
    2. your in the army.
    3. you do as your told.
    4. return from tour alive.
    5. go on leave.
    6. come back an start from number one again.
    7. sorry get your medal.
  15. Bradshaw - you're right, you're thinking too much.

    Training will certainly help but don't worry/think about it too much. I've been on a couple of tours of TELIC and the first couple of days (even as a medic) I thought "OMG I'm going to be pink misted but it didn't happen thankfully"!