going green is now impossible

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by billyx, Nov 12, 2009.

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  1. greeny

    so what they are saying is we need to get rid of cars?

    these bloody tree huggers dont seem to be very pleased with anything ..

    and we get taxed more for higher cc cars when even the electic bloody cars dont please them.

    green stealth taxes which isnt new really..

    i like my car and fook the bloody ozone!

    id be happy with a hotter britain anyway that way my kids live in a better climate and dont freeze like i did growing up!

    so im really doing them a favour in shitting the place up
  2. Fook 'em.

    Like any pseudoreligious nutjobs, they go round preaching doom to all that disagree with their views, rally against criticism of their beliefs, and believe that life, living in any way other than theirs, is not a life worth living.

    Fook 'em (again).
  3. fook them up thier stupid asses(qoute from some film)

    seems kinda fitting
  4. That is a remarkably light 'article'. Carbon capture for cars perhaps? They're experimenting with it on powerplants... Or just carbon capture at the plants which then go to power electric cars. Won't help when the fossil fuels run out or get so hard to extract that we're burning more energy than we're gaining, but could keep us from fecking up the environment further yet in the interim.

    Although apparently we should all be looking at going veggie, a lot less animals guffing out methane into the environment, and a lot less strain on food resources and arable land too as well since you don't have to feed said animals, you can just feed people direct.

    In the long run I think we will have to look at just changing our modus operandi and how we do things completely. A more localised type of life, a lot more innovation and exploitation of anything sustainable/renewable and a lot more intelligent use of the resources we have got.

    As for 'global warming = better summers', it's alright laughing it off in this way, but the truth is we'd be in a world of pain. A lot of the regulatory systems of the world depend on some pretty minor factors and if we mess those up get prepared for things to change.

    Ever heard of El Nino/La Nina and how a few little changes in air pressure and oceanic temperature really fecks things up in South America and further afield? London is on the same latitude as Moscow, upset the Gulfstream and you better buy yourself some snowshoes. I just feel sorry for the Dutch when Greenland melts!
  5. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. :D
  6. man's influence on climate change is tiny
    The green fringe are deranged and government backs it because its a huge cash generator.
    The rest of us must foot the bill, great here isn't it?
  7. But will it change when Dave sweeps into No 10?
  8. "It is you who are the ball lickers"
    "I am the C.L.I.T. master" :D Funny film
  9. clit commander:)

    fuck like stoned test tube bunnys!

    good film:)

    you monkey fook
  10. I doubt it. it is very lucrative to government after all and thats the real motive.
    Besides, denying mans influence on climate change is akin to haulocaust denial these days. There seems to be a preception that if you drive a 4x4 you also have a penchant for skining puppies alive to wear as a coat
  11. I got into a discussion with a hippy recently about cars and the environment. He was adamant that they were the future. A good point as they are getting more practicle and the technology is developing. He seemed very indoctrinated on his point of view and steadfastly refused to take on board the following points;
    1) All cars eventually need to be scrapped. Batteries contain large quantities of nasty stuff that is (at present) non recyclable- so what would you do with say a million electric cars a year needing battery nasty stuff to be disposed of?
    2) How clean an electic car is simply depends on how the electricity is generated.
    3) The further the electricity travels the less power is delivered (that is why electric heating scored lower on energy assessment in building 'Part L' regs).
    4) The biggest impact a car has on the environment is its' manufacture (not many people know that)- so if we want to reduce carbon emmissions we are better off driving older, less efficient cars and replacing them less frequently.
  12. i drive an old girl audi 80 2litre and the engine is an easy to fix vw golf gti engine so its nice and reliable car.
    the emmissions are well within the green range(if their is such a thing in this tree hugger day)
    and for a 16yr old car the bodywork is great.

    i have saved money fixing the headgasket and not buying another engine and done all the work myself(saving me allot)and i use scrappys for everything bar belts etc so im a green guy:)lol

    and tbh dispite 174 thou on the clock she can wipe the floor with the best of em!

    but i admit i do like to push my luck with porsches and newer audis:)

    and my bolt on carb filter(kn pan thing)sounds like a proper beast:)

    and for a 2litre this car will run on air somedays:)(nearly)
  13. Well... I still think its gonna be a cold, snowy and frosty winter this year.... not the wet, mild one like the Met Office has predicted....... I don't want a winter 2009 -2010... wet, damp and windy like a sweaty old Klunge.... It will be cold, frosty and snow..... By Order of Lord Voldemort..... :p
  14. other than my audi the only other green thing i do is pick the green sludge out of my nose and recycle that free grub!!

    even better when its got some chew to it!

    or i use hands free and snort so hard that i temporarily choke on the hard bit which sometimes if im lucky gets lodged in my teeth and i can save it for later!

    bloods a bonus

    god im getting hungry now.
  15. Organise an ARRSE crawl and get shot of the civvies and mongs infesting the site