going from vista back to xp

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by two_of_seven, Aug 21, 2009.

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  1. i have a 15 month old packard bell running pc world preinstalled vista basic

    I would like to wipe it & install xp instead.

    However both xp disks i try to use go to the blue screen of death after 5 mins. I also get the same using a cd of a product called blanco (hoping to wipe the hd instead)

    Is there somthing in the bios i can change to allow it to boot & install xp from a cd ?
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Does not sound like a BIOS issue, were you getting the same effect with Vista?

    You might also run into licensing issues doing this.

  3. vista was preinstalled on a recovery partition, & did not do anything similar last time i recovered it

    I do have a correctly licensed version of xp so that shouldnt be an issue
  4. msr

    msr LE

    have you tried Darik's Boot and Nuke (www.dban.org) to erase the HDD? Bearing in mind it will also wipe your recovery partition...

  5. Possibly be the Hard Drive Controller which you could change in the bios back to a 'Legacy' setting or try ATA, I'm guessing it might be setup for AHCI which the XP CD won't have the drivers for.
  6. 1. Destroy both partitions
    2. Create 1 new partition taking up all the space on the hard disk, and make it "active"
    3. Boot from XP disc (assuming you have a valid serial number)

    The rest I assume you know. Those Packard Bell machines are shit, are not set up correctly in the first place and are built down to a price from the lowest bidder, usually from Gericom, ECS, Hi grade, iwill, Medion or asus.

    The Tech Guys (fcuk off) website will have the drivers for your system - it uses the computer's asset tag number to ID your product.
  7. msr

    msr LE

    I suppose the question "Why are you downgrading after 15 months of Vista?" should be asked.

  8. vista is pish

    it rarely if ever recognises my blackberry
    fills up the hd for no good reason
    crashes outlook almost everyday
    & has the most complex & unnecessary security

    & it has yet to enter the work enviroment in sufficient numbers for me to see any value in getting the "practice " from it

  9. I have a Vaio SR19 which came with Vista. It was the dogs danglies; recognised my BB, quick as lightning and very stable. I had to 'upgrade' to XP for a particular works program, couldn't be arse to partition the drive to run both, and have regretted XP ever since. It's much slower; less stable and doesn't seem as easy to use as a well setup Vista OS.
  10. Vista and stable/fast just dont belong in the same sentance unless prefixed with un- !

    I'm quite happy staying with XP (granted the x64 version) rather than re-downgrading to vista. Same with windows 7. Why microsoft had to go and change everything (example, control panel) so its hidden away or have to go through several places to get to something is beyond me and does my nut in.
  11. I have some work stuff that only runs on XP, so I run XP inside a VMWare Virtual Machine on Windows 7.

    Microsoft Virtual PC is a free type of this software. Works quite well


  12. 1 it's not hidden away it's on the chuffing start menu.
    2 You can always select classic Control Panel to have things how you liked it.

    To be honest i am more than happy with Vista. Having used all versions (except ME) since windows 3.1.
  13. I had this issue on a retrograding job for a client. Slipstreaming WinXP Service Pack 3 into an XP disk burn solved the driver issue for me.
  14. Thats strange because i have a copy of XP with SP2 that installs just fine onto SATA.

  15. wrong.
    in XP, you can get to network connections in one step direct from start menu, in vista you have to go through control panel > network sharing > network connections and yes, that is on classic :roll: