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going from soldier to officer!?!

Hi all,

I'm a soldier with three years and a tour under my belt and have been offered the chance to go to sandhurst.
Is the money going to be worth it? Are the bullshit goggles the army issued me going to replaced with a bigger pair? Will I still have the opportunities to get out there and do things or will I be chained to a desk? Is sandhurst a years full on **** about?

Anybody out there who's done the same? Was it worth it?
You're probably asking in the wrong forum mate to be honest.

I'd go and see the officer recruitment forum. Anyway, I'll always give my 10p worth!

As a junior officer, you'll have plenty of chances to get out and about, depends of course which cap-badge you join.

One of the most over-looked changes from going soldier to officer isn't the workload, which believe me goes up 100 fold! It's more the social change, from "one of the lads" to "Rupert". Living in the mess with 4-5 chums isn't the same as having 100 odd mates in the bar and block.

If you've done 3 years, you'll find RMAS not easy as such but within your comfort zone. Physically it's plenty more than basic training but you get the time to develop.

Once you hit Captain, get ready to be chained to that desk! The thing to remember, Captain or SSgt/WO2 it would happen anyway!

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