Going From Soldier To Officer...without A-Levels

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by whatsmyageagen, Jan 1, 2012.

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  1. hello all, first thread so please be kind!

    Basically i'm doing my A-Levels but have gotten to a point where i'm ******* bored and want to start doing something worth while.

    I've been looking at joining as an officer (which would mean the torture of school for another year), however now i'm seriously looking at joining up as a regular soldier...

    To cut to it my question is can I go for a LE commission without the 180 UCAS points after 4 years or whatever as I'll of gained experience soldiering ...assuming I get my CO's backing ect..

    tbh if it is possible i'm going down the AICO tuesday..

    Cheers chaps..
  2. Post Xmas blues? Unless you are seriously considering the army for life, carry on with A-Levels, you don't stand much chance in the civ world without them at the min, especially in years to come, and if your bored of A-Levels, what's to say you won't get bored of officer desk work?

    Just my POV obviously... Just stick education out as long as poss, it's a lot harder to get back into.
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  3. In short, no, because to be an LE you'd need to be at least 30.

    What you're talking about is going for a commission as a soldier through the DE route, which is possible without 'A' levels, which would involve you going to Sandhurst for a year. However, if you want to be an Officer why would you do 4 years of being a soldier instead of finishing off your A levels with just 1 year to go, after which you could go straight to Sandhurst? Doesn't make much sense to me...
  4. Sorry to say this, but f*ck education off. Get yourself a trade and soon. If you can be an officer then do so, its you that will make an officer not some GCSE cert
  5. Do not listen to this guy, he has not got the foggiest what he's talking about. In order to be a good tradesman, usually helps to have some sort of education.

  6. i think its more and urge to go out and get one with it rather then sit around 8:30-3:25 not doing much that engages me..you know?

    This is an exercise just to see if its possible, this page on the Army website alluded to it:Join as a Regular officer - British Army Website its the second text box down talking about a "CO's interview" thats gotten me interested..

    thanks for the replays so far!

  7. What makes you want to be an Officer? What makes you want to be a soldier? What makes you think that you will get a recommendation?
  8. You would be applying for a DE commission after you had served 4 years, LE is for crusty SSgts and WO's. As such you would retain relatively little seniority, your experience as a soldier would be of little use (set aside basic soldiering and knowledge of the system) and you would be required to complete not only the lengthy DE selection process but also a number of 'inhouse' interviews and tests followed by a year at Sandhurst before even getting the privelidge of returning to the field army as a crow one pip.

    It's been covered before, search for threads: if you think you have what it takes to commission stay at college and commission, don't think it'll be just as easy to do it after a few years in, it's alot harder than a civvy DE entrant and it takes forever( I know, I'm a year into my application for commission as a lance jack).

    Apologies for any mongol grammatical or spelling errors, I have a shit Motorola tablet that's shit.
  9. Good one. What experience are you speaking from?
  10. I want to be an officer because its the best career i can go for with the qualifications i'll gain (if i continue with my education) in general i was to be a soldier, weather in a management role as an officer of as a private soldier in a more skilled trade then what i'd do as an officer.
  11. Have only been in the forces 21 years and am currently trying to find myself a proper job. Apparently qualifications count for nothing against experience in the real world.

    But if you know better feel free to offer me a job
  12. If you want to be an Officer stay in school and finish your A-Levels and then probably do a degree as well. Most Officers have them now although its not a pre rquisite.

    Remember it is about aptitude not just qualifications. If you want to get the ball rolling why not join the TA or something whilst studying?
  13. The best of luck in either application. However, your spelling and grammar are embarrassing: "weather"? Get someone to check your application before you send it because a single blunder like that will curl the toes of anyone who reads it.
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  14. I've been advised agents it because it'll count as rejoining when i finnish school and draw the whole process out even longer..

    Also i won't be going to uni prior to the Army..100%, i properly could but have no desire for a few reasons.
  15. No it wont, I went to Sandhurst straight from the TA and retained my old number etc.

    If you dont want to go to uni thats fine just understand that the vast majority of Officers do and with a smaller Army its getting increasingly competitive to get in.

    Do you think that you are ready to lead soldiers now? What do you offer that will make them follow you?