Going From MTP back to desert DPM,when did this happen?

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Yorkie1970, Jan 10, 2012.

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  1. Everyone on ship keeps calling mtp, desert kit as at the moment it's the only place it's properly used en masse. Once everyone back here is in the stuff then it'll loose that title.
  2. unless its refering to the shorts that were with the CS95 cut MTP? though reverting back to DDPM does seem a little like crossed wires
  3. According to the various bits of guff I've read on the matter, MTP is the lightweight stuff used in theatre whereas the gear being issued in the UK is a heavier weight material and is generally referred to as PCS (CU). I'm sure there's a wealth of spotter info already on this site.
  4. MTP (multi terrain pattern) is the pattern (obviously), PCU is the cut I.e. not MTP CS95.

    The only difference between the PCS worn in the UK and the PCS worn in Afghanistan that I can see is the material being thinner as it I PCU Warm weather (or some thing similar) on the label.
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  5. MTP (or Multi-Terrain Pattern) is the pattern.
    PCS(CU) is the new name for the uniform (like the current/old stuff is CS95).
    The uniform in the same pattern and cut (style) in the "heavier weight material" as you put it is the temperate kit and will be used for normal UK uniform or colder places, while the lighter weight stuff being issued currently for the sandpits will be issued where a lighter uniform is best employed.

    So, if you're in Norway or Helmand you'll still wear PCS(CU) in MTP and they'll look pretty much the same but the weight of fabric will differ.

    Hope that helps!

    Edit: The situation was confused as during the interim between DDPM and PCS(CU), CS95 was issued in MTP. And having typed that I wonder why we need codes!!!
  6. The codes are needed so you get uniforms unsuitable for the environment on most occasions. Unless there is a screw up and you get a suitable uniform.

    Silly question what environments is MTP designed for.
  7. Do I need to hand in my woolley pulley and putties.
  8. Umm, thanks chaps. I was really thinking about a recent memo from the QM at Army HQ which basically said 'stop referring to PCS(CU) as MTP — it isn't!'

    I fully understand that it is the name of the new pattern but he seemed to think a distinction needed to be drawn between what is being doled out now in the new cut and the CS95 MTP which is still (according to reports from at least one OH16 cohort) being hoofed out of the stores at RTMC.
  9. MTP is the patern as in DPM. I am in PCS and fail to see how they could make the Afghan issue any thinner. The stuff is nearly see through as it is!
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    Jesus, who gives a ****?

    I bet one of you sad toilets emails her a scathing message demanding that she correct the error of her ways.

  11. So what is on the labels of the lighter and heavier stuff to denote the fabric weight?
    Shirt, Combat, Mans, PCS (light)
    Shirt, Combat, Mans, PCS (heavy)

    might make sense.