Going from full time to ta (during training)

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Murphy2012, Mar 26, 2013.

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  1. Ok we'll I'm in week 4 of training and I want to go ta rather than full time. How do I go about this? From what I've heard I have to daor the. Reapply? Is this correct? Thanks
  2. This should be interesting...
  3. Since the selection and enlistment process has been streamlined, I suspect that you should only need to get out of the reg system, find a TA regiment willing to put you through training and enlist on a course. They come in 2 flavours in our area - 9 weekends + phase 2 or a condensed package of some description getting you through either the first 6 or all 9.

    Your reg training will help, even if it is only 4 weeks, as long as you don't get cocky. And make sure it's for the right reasons, not just because you can't hack the regular system. If you struggle with being away from home for extended periods, be well aware that you are expected to mobilise when called.
  4. ...You're in training!

    Next time your section Corporal walks in to empty your locker out the window ask him if you can switch to the TA. After a lot of shouting and abuse you'll eventually get the DS answer when he realises you're gen, and you can go from there.
  5. So first you want to transfer during phase 1 and now you wan't to leave and join TA.

    You're at depot para, yes?

    I suspect the following:

    1) You wan't to go 4PARA.
    2) You think it'll be easier.
    3) You think it'll be a quicker way to get your wings.
    4) You think you can then transfer back into the regs and crack on.

    I suggest the Army (in any guise) is not for you to be honest.
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  6. Right.

    Without resorting to the type of unhelpful or discouraging answer you may see above...

    You need to ask yourself why you want to leave.

    Unless the answer is something like 'I've got a fkin great job offer that pays a mint' then don't leave.

    If its because you're homesick or its because of a woman then seriously do NOT leave.

    Homesick/fannysick WILL pass, trust me.

    If she's a good lass she'll wait, if she's not and doesn't then seriously you'll get plenty of clunge when you get to unit. Or even on your first leave/weekend to be honest.

    Like I said- if you've got a cracking job offer or university place etc then great.

    Otherwise, be the better man and get your head down and fight through. You'll be respected for it.
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  7. Nor me, and I'm a right smartarse.
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  8. 4 para at night, so what job are you going to do during the day?
    going ta is not going to get you para wings quicker, in fact you may not get para trained at all!!
    yes you get to do p company you just with cut backs may not get to jump out of a serviceable aircraft that's not crashing!
  9. The OP has FAIL written all over his forehead, the non hacking wannabee quim
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  10. McDonalds?
  11. If you can't hack past week 4 of BASIC, then why do you think you'd be suitable for any other branch of the Army, Territorial or other.

    Get a ******* grip, grow a pair and get on with it. Or more probably, throw your teddy out, get chucked out and flip burgers for the rest of your life.
  12. Yep, tosser