Going for selection

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by kirst, Aug 12, 2006.

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  1. not sure if int is what i want to do, honestly will i be sat on my arse all day because if so im going to have to choose something more active!
    Thanks in advance
  2. Check yr PMs and read allthe other threads carefully

    ( and can we stop calling it "selection" everybody?? We take enough hits as it is)
  3. Is it not a selection?

  4. Nah.....it's more of a lottery......... :D
  5. haha i couldnt work out where the sound was coming from when i opened this thread, took me a while before i noticed the video :oops: sorry havnt got anything worthwhile to add, not really sure why i even clicked onto this.
  6. So are you saying its extremely difficult to get into the Int Corps???
  7. Not at all, it's easy to get into training. Even easier to get f@cked off it!!!
  8. Until I read it, I thought this thread was about CR going for another selection box......

    Abs like his take a lot of work you know........
  9. quite right. been working on them all weekend :)

    fajitas... roast duck... risotto... roast chicken sandwiches... hot and spicy chinese... caffreys... rioja and malbec... there is no stomach workout i shied away from :)

    mind you, it was the brecon jazz festival. far too noisy for situps.
  10. [quote="CRmeansCeilingReached
    mind you, it was the brecon jazz festival. far too noisy for situps.[/quote]

    Oh how I miss the Jazz......the open air.....the warm beer in the plastic glasses.......pretending to listen to music to justify taking friday off work.......... :D