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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Fowler92, Jul 20, 2013.

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  1. Currently going through my B3 and I am very interested in chosing to go EOD. Just wanted to get some more information on what the course involves and if people who are already doing this role would recommend it or not. Thanks in advance.
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  2. It is a pity no one else has responded. I cannot give you up to date advice, but I did command a Royal Engineer EOD Squadron many years ago. Some things will have changed, others will not.

    I am pretty sure all your EOD training, both the initial course and every level you progress to later in your career, will be at the brand new "state of the art" EOD Training Regiment at Bicester. I would imagine these will be outstanding courses in these excellent facilities.

    New bomb disposal training regiment launched - British Army Website

    I think your initial training would be to assist on EOD tasks, later as an JNCO (following more training) you could supervise on some clearance tasks. Disposing of bombs is normally the preserve of SNCOs and Officers, and there are Basic and Advanced courses for this.

    The Royal Engineers has two EOD Regiments, 33 and 101, both based at Carver Barracks, Wimbish, Essex. Borh include Regular and TA Squadrons. They also include both EOD and Search trained personnel. There is a brand new composite squadron in 33 Regiment, with an RLC number (821) but a mixture of RE and RLC personnel most, if not all, who will also be either Para or Commando trained (it is absorbing many of the personnel from 49 Squadron, which is being disbanded). In my view this RE/RLC integration into composite EOD units is the future.

    I will be visiting Carver Barracks for the next 5 days for various events. If I get more up to date information I will post again.
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  3. Fairly Recently transferred out of Search, it is interesting but with the draw down of Afghan I'm not sure what direction it will go. As is my current understanding, things in the EOD world are busier in N.I than Afghanistan atm. Can't speak for the CMD/Bomb Disposal as I wasn't BD trained but I think things have changed in reference to 805, 804 and 801 courses. May be worth while looking at JSIEDD (Joint Service Improvised Explosive Device Disposal?) courses for more information.
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  4. You can of course express an intrest in going to either regiment but glasgow will decide on where your posting will be after youve finished your B3.

  5. Is this composite Sqn for regulars only or will there be a reserve element ?

    As i'm in the process of transferring across to 33 from the Infantry.
  6. Well I am in Wimbish at present and chatting to lots of people. 49 Field Squadron EOD disbanded today, and is replaced by 821 EOD and Search Squadron RLC, which is now in Wimbish as part of 33 Engr Regt EOD. As I understand it the new 821 will be a mixture of RE and RLC EOD, RE Search, ECM operators, Search Dogs etc, in other words all the elements for EOD and Search in a permanent unit, rather than just bringing them together for particular ops as in the past. The new Squadron will be mainly Para and Commando trained to support those Brigades.

    At present it will be the only such squadron, but everyone I spoke to, at all levels from Comd 29 EOD & Search Group, CO 33, officers, SNCOs and JNCOs (and these were both RE and RLC serving personnel) all feel that such integration must be the future, so I would expect to see other such composite units being formed. Whether these will include composite Reserve Army units I cannot say, but logic would suggest it would be a sensible development. The point being that people who work together on operations do so far more effectively if they have trained in those same teams, with all the requisite skills being balanced, as part of the same unit, during their peacetime training.
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  7. Holdfast many thanks for the informative reply, hopefully the new Sqn will take on reserves as it is something I would be very interested in.
  8. As I understand it they are forming a 4th RE EOD Reserve Squadron so that 33 Regt and 101 Regt will each have two reserve EOD Squadrons. I think the primary role of the reserve squadrons will be search, but they might have some EOD capability. I would have guessed that personnel serving in these reserve squadrons could be attached to one of the regular squadrons for particular operations, as has happened in the past.

    Again, as I understand it all of the RE EOD Squadrons at Wimbish, both 33 and 101, now have an RLC element within them, and also the RLC squadrons of 11 EOD now have RE search troops with them, so complete integration across the board. I also think they all have R Sigs ECM operators, but at present the search dogs are separate.
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  9. Cheers HF, any idea if these reserve elements will have a PARA/CDO role ?
  10. I understand that the primary support to 16 Air Assault Brigade and 3 Commando Brigade will come from 821 EOD Squadron, which now has RE Para and Cdo EOD/Search troops as well as its RLC personnel. I suppose it is possible that personnel from one of the RE EOD reserve squadrons could be attached to them, for particular exercises or operations.

    I have never served with RE TA but in the regulars it was quite normal to find a number of para and cdo trained RE personnel serving in non-para or cde units. The same may be true for the reserves. I think most RE reserve para or cdos will be in 299 Para Sqn RE (V) or 131 Indep Cde Sqn RE (V), but I suppose there could be some para or cdo trained personnel in other RE (V) units.

    If anyone is being posted to RE EOD units, regular or reserve, the best way to get this information is to ask your new OC at Wimbish (for regulars) or wherever they are (for the four reserve squadrons). I spent the last four days at Wimbish and the OCs were all very approachable. I was particularly impressed with the way in which one of the squadron commanders had encouraged his JNCOs and SNCOs to get professional engineering qualifications, and several of them had.

    In my opinion we have outstanding JNCOs and SNCOs partly because of this career development.
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  11. well i'm going to transfer across as soon as they start recruiting for wimbush
  12. I presume that means that you are Reserve (TA in my old language). I understand that the new Reserve EOD Squadron will be part of 33 Regt and will have at least one of its troops in Wimbish, particularly to cater for those ex-regulars who have settled in the area and want to continue in EOD via a Reserve EOD Squadron. To me that means that there is a strong possibility of that squadron having some ex-regulars who are para or cdo trained. Whether that would affect the squadron role is undoubtedly something which could evolve over time.
  13. I'm in the same boat as DB, I will move across from the TA infantry as soon as the Wimbish Sqn starts recruiting, obviously i'm hoping there is an Airborne element for the reserves but i'm not holding my breath.
  14. Cutaway

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  15. The way I understood it was that the new Squadron would include a Troop at Wimbish. However looking at 33 Regiment's website it looks as though 217 Squadron already has a troop there:-

    "The Regiment’s TA unit, 217 Fd Sqn (EOD), is based at Ilford, North East London with a Troop in Southend and a National Troop located at Carver Barracks".

    I understand from an Army 2020 blog that the new Squadron will be 350 Fd Sqn (EOD) although that number is currently in use by another Squadron.

    If you want accurate information I would do what the 33 Regiment website suggests:

    "If you are interested in joining the Regiment as part of the TA, please contact Capt Alex Janaway on 01223 203608".