Going dry

Not completely unexpected. The big rise in alcohol consumption was clearly reported at the time, during lockdown... but an 18.6% increase is a huge amount (or is it 18.6º proof? I always get them mixed up).,
I can't see if they're talking about long term injury, misadventure, alcohol poisoning or all three. As you say it's not surprising in the least. Long term damage increasing over two years of lockdowns, reduced social contact etc plus a sudden spike in short term damage and drunken injuries as nightlife gets back to normal and the 18-30 crowd make up for lost time.

Edit - looks like it's all causes, their paywall only seems to block the article the first time I look at it.

"Alcohol-specific deaths only include those health conditions where death is a direct consequence of alcohol misuse. More than three-quarters of these deaths in 2020 were caused by alcoholic liver disease (77.8%). A further 12.1% of deaths were caused by “mental and behavioural disorders due to the use of alcohol”, while “external causes”, such as accidental poisoning by alcohol, caused 6.2%.

The figures also show that in the most deprived areas of England the alcohol-specific rate of death for males in 2020 stood at 33.7 per 100,000 people, compared with just 8.1 in the least deprived areas. For females the figures were 14.9 and 4.9 respectively."
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