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Going dry

Fuelled by St Peter's Organic Without, Sam Smith's Sam's Brown Ale, and Nanny State, I've stopped completely since New Year's Eve.

The streak is undoubtedly going to come to an end, but I never really wanted to stop completely. I do think I probably could now though. But when the pub's reopen, or I'm next at a wedding, rather than just because there's a y in the day. I've always managed to avoid much drinking at home, so the ironic thing is that I'm now drinking more alcohol free beer in the house than I ever did alcoholic beer....
I believe farmfoods-


is the top trumps of scum shopping ?

Most shoppers wear a suit,......a track suit.
The Poundland on my current beat, anyone wearing a shell suit would be labelled a Toff. Most of the clientele are in nightwear or the grey joggers from their last spell in custody. Thank fukk I’ve just 4 more shifts before I move go the (admittedly only just) more upmarket County town. Better class of scrote.


Well as I am a social drinker and lockdown has put a stop to that I decided to do Dry January with the wife. If lockdown continues it could be dry February.. March.......
Quick update: St Etienne (Aldi) straight into tier 1. This is a very pleasant lager and at 89p for 500ml is a steal.

Rheinbacher (Aldi) not sure if it scrapes into tier 1 or tops tier 2. I've more of it to try....
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Well as I am a social drinker and lockdown has put a stop to that I decided to do Dry January with the wife. If lockdown continues it could be dry February.. March.......

I did dry January last year and apart from two glasses of wine on Christmas day, I´ve kept it up ever since. We had a far more draconian lockdown for seven weeks in Spain last year and we´re locked down again now although this time we can go out for exercise. I am not enjoying it. The down time causes one to magnify all of life´s problems out of all proportion. But I can´t imagine how much worse it would be if I added alcohol to the mix. I was never a problem drinker but given the right circumstances, I´m sure I´d have given it a go.


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Sad really. I drove a minicab for a few months many years ago and saw first hand how people drank to get drunk as a way of life.

Interesting that the equation was with heroin in the article. I too have done some cab driving and IME the Brits love weed, E‘s and cocaine much more than heroin. And mix them more with alcohol.
I know people who have died from drinking, or the effects of alcoholism. All sad. To insinuate that a pint of beer=heroin addiction is lazy and wrong.
There are differing advisory limits for alcohol consumption all over Europe, and differing attitudes to drinking, which the article did not address.
It was a bit alarmist. Having seen wino’s trying to buy wine in France I don’t think us Brits are any worse than the rest of the world.
If you want to quit, do it for yourself, not because of an article like this, which ultimately tells you nothing.
Good drills mate, keep it going. You wont regret it, I promise.

I had a dry November (I was away on exercise for three weeks of it) and was wet from Christmas Day to New Year (I didn't drink much, even then). Mrs H_M carried on the motion and has come round to my way if thinking i.e. if I am doing dry February, she is too (she's fine on red wine but a nightmare on spirits). It is my birthday at the beginning of March and I will have a couple of beers then. The rest of March will then be dry too.
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Nine hundred days & counting here.

That includes three sober Christmases, New Years & birthdays...

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