Going dry

@Old Stab if there's the rare occurrence of a nice day and you fancy some company to have a wander up the hills - give me a shout.

At least I'll be able to call in the heli if you keel over...
Yes. But it's poor quality and no audio.
Union are involved.
Union rep is looking at breaches of GDPR tbh.
Really feel for you. Barely a day goes by when I do not mutter a silent prayer of thanks for my body camera. Last shift three of us took down a 15 year old girl. Sounds bad until you see the footage and it showed us using reasonable force for her safety and ours. I’m amazed no footage has appeared on social meeja as we had an audience. Daft thing was that once we’d got her tohospital and all calmed down she gave us a big hug and apologised. Andy and I left her to go and wash the dog crap off our boots and change trousers as she’d picked the crappiest bit of finest council estate for the roll around. Kit binned and new stuff indented for.


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Hawkshead Brewery used to be one of my favourite Cumbrian breweries. We always stock their ales in our pubs and it’s probably the most popular Cumbrian ale we sell.

They also have a great beer hall at their brewery which does really good food. They call it beer tapas. So small plates of hearty scran built for sharing. Mini Cumberland sausages, pork pies, scotch eggs that sort of thing.

Imagine my delight when I spotted this recently.

Now imagine my delight when I discovered that it’s actually really really good.

This is now sitting at the top of my low alcohol beer chart.

New favourite.

Footy on tonight.
Bought 4 cans instead of a fridge pack. 2 for the first half, 2 for the 2nd half.

Not driving in the morning either.
I wouldn't lie about anything that happened or try and make up a back story. The chances are it'll bite you on the arse plus it's much easier to remember the truth.

As far as drinking on it goes, that won't change past events and quite often clouds the judgement (funnily enough) and makes some mad courses of action seem a good idea. The Emperor thrives in such situations.
Excellent advice on both counts.

Fiona Onasanya, Cambridge’s favourite little scoundrel, found out the hard way what trying to invent a back story does for you under police investigation.

Ref drinking to numb the pain; no-one can stop you, but bear in mind that alcohol is a toxin which f**ks up chemical balances in the brain, aggravating feelings of depression. So, whilst it will numb the feeling in the short term, in the longer term you feel worse, and on a sustained basis.
I had cut down massively, mainly due to @CaptainPlume posts if I'm being honest, that with seeing a friend literally fall apart, get nicked for drink drive and dead 10 days later.

Tomorrow, in the pouring rain I am going for a walk into the forestry......

As I always used to enjoy walking in the woods when it was raining, everything just seems to slow down and just look at you as if to say
"This ******* weather!"
I have gone dry for Lent (as a semi-lapsed Catholic)

Two reasons, firstly i have also lapsed into drinking too much. Witness the five bottles on the sideboard within arms reach of me:

Penderyn (unopened)
Talisker Storm
Glen Keith (new and it's nice)
"The Chita" (Japanese, a present)
The Woodsman

There is also a bottle of Steel Bonnets and a bottle of Allt A Bhainne (both unopened) in the cupboard.

Yes, I like my whisky.

However, I've put the weight on that I lost in the middle of last year and it needs to come back off. So it's a good excuse as alcohol is calories in a bottle.
I’m dry this month or until eldest drops so watching the rugby with an Adnams Ghost Ship and very good it is too


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I'm backsliding. Pinot noir with rugby and rabbit. One bottle between two. It's delicious and I fear there's another in the grog cupboard/cellar.


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Another really good AF beer this evening.

These are just getting better and better all the time.

It’s coming up to 2 years since I stopped drinking (in May). In that time I’ve seen the AF beer scene grow from Becks Blue everywhere to a few places bravely stocking Brewdog and now to some seriously good beers that stand up against alcoholic versions in terms of flavour.

If someone gave me this and told me it was a 4% ale I wouldn’t question them.
My Missus bought some of this , seemed expensive , Pentire ,had a sniff and a swig , reminded of Persil washing powder .


Anyone here heard of ‘One Year No Beer’?

Definitely seek them out on Facebook etc. I’m at 88 days and have no thoughts or interest in drinking.

Brilliant group with loads of free advice and more if you want to subscribe.

Check it out One Year No Beer

As I say it’s on Facebook, Twitter, Insta etc.

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We went over to a friends to watch the rugby etc yesterday. I had a few beers. But crucially I didn't kick the Arrse out of it. I had several pints but over a period of about 8 hours. No hangover this morning at all, I'll be dry now until Friday evening.

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