Going Down!!!!

Discussion in 'Now That's What I Call NAAFI Bar' started by doctordeath, Aug 3, 2004.

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  1. A) Teeth

  2. B) Pinky & Flick

  3. C) Pinky & Hide

  4. D) Only if I'm Sh*ters Drunk!

  1. Question for the more adventurous of you out there!!

    Is removing the white tailed mouse with your teeth acceptable prior to doing the down and wet or should one use the pinky finger and flick it across the room or deposit descreetly under the bed!!!!!????

    Answers on a post card to Depraved.com :oops: :twisted: :lol:
  2. Wouldn't know, I don't get within a country mile of Mrs M-B when the decorators are in :(
  3. Threads I wish I had never clicked on , No.326 :oops:
  4. One could always poke it in, this may give some substance to the smaller gentleman.
  5. If you hide it you run the risk of forgetting about it amidst the throws of errrr passion. Only to find next morning....your burds fully loaded jam rag has stuck fast to your shirt, clinging like a crusty limpet!
  6. Don't hide it under the bed, her cat may bring it to you early AM as a prize.True Story Sorry.
  7. how long would one stick to the ceiling?

    Is flow rate a major factor?

  8. Recently heard this story on local radio.

    Window cleaner finishes job and ask's woman can he use the toilet. Of course she says. As he leaves he congratulates her on the butterflys in the toilet.

    She curious wonders why, little son says " Mummy Butterflys in the bathroom, I put them up there" Mummy rushes up stairs to find that little Cnut as decorated the bathroom walls with her Always with their wings at the unswept position. Embarrassed Mummy.
  9. Your best chance of getting it to stick is if you are unfortunate enough to be doing her "mid-cycle".... when she's at the peak flow rate, that and a few lumps of congealed blood should ensure it stays put!
  10. Dudes, you are sick people.

    I like it.

  11. Too much information , Cait :oops:
    Feeling rather queasy
  12. Put it behind your ear and put it back afterwards - 30 seconds doesn't give it long enough to congeal to your ear! This saves the lucky recipient from having to go to the toilet immediately after coitus - they can wait until the morning - and stops the wet patch from forming!

    URRRGHHHH! :twisted:
  13. I have no problems shagging a girl during her periods, its just a little messier thats all :lol:
    (it will wash off )
  14. Don't blame you mate, the queue is about an hour long. :D