Going down...

Since you made the poll I assume you cast the first swallow vote..........You're great................ ::) 8)

You missed a fourth part of the poll

4. Fire it all over your face like Jenna Jameson enjoys
Hey lipstick,

I like to consider myself a 21st Century man. The advent of quality men's publications such as GQ and FHM have encouraged us to clean up our hygiene issues and dress with a bit more style.

As a 21C man I want to be stimulated mentally. Then, and only when you have feed my mind,  will I blow my load all over your grid!!!

;) ;) ;)
Goddess you mucky bird

Fancy a beer and spuddin?

I recommend to the Board of Arrse Grown ups that all the birds on the site have to give the blokes a good Piping and tape the results and flog em

An Arrse Bukkake movie........Me first though, it was my idea
If I thought there was ten to fifteen birds on thier knees witing for a money shot, I doubt I last the fifteen seconds ;D

But it wouldn't matter, Id be happy and the chicks don't count ;D


i ve heard that spunk is good for the skin due to the high zinc content    ;D
100 Lines. Must keep up to date with gangbang world records for you Dzerz?.;,hdesky (can I call you Batco)

The world Gang bang record now stands at 856 in 20 hrs........bet her mum is proud of her
It makes me laugh that the feminists get all arrsey about porn stars. Are they not out there living life, making their own choices as is the right of any human being.

MND, can i borrow your copy? OH go on!!  :'(
Soz lipstick for saying bugger..DOH! again. I know bugger..DOH! is your word. ;)

I have to admit I haven't seen it but want to.....OH bugger!!  :-[  :-[

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