Going down TA route - My application process

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by J35_T3R, Mar 18, 2009.

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  1. After some unexpected changes to my personal life, Regular route isn't an option for me now.

    Last night I popped into my local TA centre and spoke to the recruiter. I phoned before to say I was coming in for a chat. Filled out an Army interest form and got shown around and spoke to a few of the guys.

    I'll keep this thread updated with my process and dates/timescales for joining.

    Was told to expect a call in the next few days from the main recruitment office about going to see them to fill out all the application forms and medical form that my doctor needs to sign.

    Got the ball rolling now.
  2. took about five weeks from walking in to being attested sure it won't be the same for everyone like
  3. I applied around the second week of january still waiting for my medical, some lads that applied at the same time as me have done their RSW now, just depends how fast your doc is with the forms it seems.
  4. took 1week to get my previouse record form glasgow. before they sent my med docs and application to my house. all filled in and sent back hopefully get a medical on tuesday and get on my 1st selection weekend following that. was told it would take at least a month to get my records from glasgow before id see any paperwork. quite chuffed about how everything is going. hope you have as smooth a ride.