Going commando

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by duckiciao, Jun 12, 2007.

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  1. in this hot weather, what is the best stuff to rub between my legs when im going commando? Vaseline? Talc? Ladies love juice?
  2. My toungue juice?
  3. Ive been using vaseline when "tabbing" (pathetic excuse for tabbing anyway).. doesnt seem to be a problem when running...

  4. Good good, cheers Jay. I need something for long use (i.e. being on a cricket field all day) that wont melt or blow away or dissapear in any other form. If vaseline does the tabbing trick, then i daresay that it will do for cricket. Thanks old boy.
  5. I would imagine that it would be fine.. the stuff doesnt even come off easily in the shower lol.

  6. loose weight so your thighs dont rub....... :D

    otherwise try sudocrem.
  7. Nip down to Boots for a tub of Sudacreme its thicker than vaseline and isn't absorbed by the skin as much, hope this helps bud
  8. I'm not really overweight, carrying half a stone too much and dont get this problem when running, just when walking long distances while sweating.. I dont really understand why, been annoying me for a while coz there isnt much fat around that area.. either way vaseline works fine but I will give sudocrem a go.