Going blind

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by eSeL, Sep 15, 2006.

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  1. I work for a Health Trust based on the grounds of a mental hospital, so work can be quite interesting from time to time, particularly when I'm helping on the buses transporting some of the clients. Well yesterday, I got the best laugh I've had in ages from one particular bloke. He's based in a brain injury unit, and he has 'urges' - basically if you turn your back, he's pulling the balls of himself. The nurses are forever cracking him and telling him to put it away, but it doesn't stop him.

    We had him out on the bus yesterday to go to a therapy group in an activity centre down the road from the hospital, and the driver didn't know how to get to it, so he asked the nurse directions. The wee fella previously mentioned piped up, 'it's only round the corner mate.'
    One of the nurses said to the driver, 'ignore him, he's blind as a bat' to which he replied 'I fcuking would be if you gave me half a chance'!!!

    Sam near crashed the bus, and the rest of us were rolling on the floor...
  2. Once again further evidence, if it were needed, of the clinical relationship between being tea-kettle-oh Mrs Robinson-hatstand-lobster and self-abuse!

    The wee fellow that is.

    Not eSeL....
  3. I probably would have pissed out my insides if I had been there. That's pretty funny.
  4. he he arn't mentals great?
  5. There's a load here where I live and I'm convinced some are ex squaddies.

    It can be very entertaining in town some days, traffic going in all directions. Entertaining that is - when your not driving but sat in the bar watching.