going backwards??

on monday my runtime for 3 miles was 22 minutes 50 today its 23 minutes 30, what the **** is wrong with me, i felt i pushed it harder today.

Has anyone else gone backwards on their run time rather than progressing, im really worried im gonna get even slower
Your fitness works in peaks and troughs.

It dips before increasing, it then troughs at a higher level before increasing more so...if you are training correctly?
i do a run one day and weights or hit the bags or body weight excersizes the next, is that trainign right?

and thanks for the reply easing my worry a bit.

Mark The Convict

It's quite normal to hit a 'plateau' every 6-8 weeks or so, when you stop improving, no matter what you do. I've found that varying my training helps. You may also be over-training. Not really qualified to say more, and don't want to misinform you.
monday ~ 3 miles run
tuesday ~ bag work
wednesday ~ 3 miles run
thursday ~ weights (bicep and forearm)
friday ~ 3 miles run
saturday ~ weights (chest and tricep)
sunday ~ bag work
there you go mate, what ya reckeon, know what it is?
its about 30 minutes to 45 minutes on a heavy bag with about 3 1 to 3 minute rests inbetween

I usually rest on sunday but i love the bag so am starting doing it more often.

I also do skipping after my runs but if im honest the amount of time i actually spend skipping equals about 1 minute so its nothing to note as an actual excersize as im so shit at coordinating my jumps lol.
How disapointing. I was hoping for a revolutionary moonwalking kinda exercise walking backwards to be revealed...
haha thats how i draw yall into my shit threads
to join the army, but at this rate i will never be fit enough for the infantry :(
Ok, pure and simple I believe you are overtraining.

You need at least two rest days a week, I'd bin off two lots of bag work and one weights session.

Im reading a book at the moment "The Para Fitness guide" by Major Sam McGrath, even the training programmes in there only recommend four sessions a week.

Your body and muscles need time to recover from exercise, this is why your run times are suffering.

This is of course my personal opinion, Im not a PTI or personal trainer.
Why are you only doing 2x weights per week and only working bic/forearm and chest/tris?
Dont just run 3 miles to build stamina/endurance you need to run longer and add some intervals/hillsprints/fartlek to build speed (fast twiitch muscles) maybe run mon/tues, Thurs/fri if you really want add sat or sun.
If you can run 3 miles in 22 mins you shouldnt have a problem doing 1.5 in 10.

Sorry didnt see the boxing id just run 3x a week if your boxing 1 day a week. and regarding the weights what is your goal doing them and what weighs are you doing ie how many sets/reps and what exercises?
Gotta concur with the guys mentioning that your overtraining. No time for 'recovery' as it were. I'm not too sure if your anywhere a swimming pool, but if you are, try some laps as a recovery session and it's low impact so your training as well without the damage. Mix up your training, your muscle groups will thank you for it. If you observe any elite level sports their training regimes vary as to 'rest' various muscle groups whilst still maintaining core fitness.
il help as best i can,im a pt and ex-infantry

Mon-run 3 mile(fast) bagwork
Tue- full body circuits including dips,chins,pull-ups,pushups,squats etc
Wed-run 4 mile,Bagwork
Fri- run 3 mile(hills),full body circuit as before
Sat run 5mile
sun rest or light swim

bagwork is excellent for cv,i do it after running and have used it or sparring as my sole source of c/v due to lower body injuries
hitting the weights on split routines i wouldnt advise
1)you'l lose most gains in basic
2)its unbalanced and will do more harm than good

hope it helps


Book Reviewer
you can train all you want and it still wont prepare you for it. it does help though.

defo overtraining and you'll damage something, change it and add other things rather than hitting the impact and power stuff so much.

you trying to bulk up or just become fitter?

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