Going Back To Phase 2....

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by rockpaperrankslide, Feb 15, 2012.

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  1. evening all,

    im in a sticky situation. im transferring from the REME into the RAMC as a CMT, the transfer process is almost complete, in terms of selection, interviews, etc...

    Ive been pencilled in for a CMT2 course starting next week at keogh, pending my crb approval.

    Here comes the fun bit...

    My Crb hasnt finished processing yet despite the fact i know it will go through (never been caught and all that), the course admin has been liasing with my RCMO with regards to this and i have a tiny window of opportunity, ive been told to turn up for day one of the course with my disclosure number in hand and all will be rosey...

    ...Apart from the fact i dont know what the hell to take, and i "cant have any joining instructions or a kit list until my crb comes through"

    so im in the situation where im packing my kit, and i dont know what to take. im recluctant to pack my entire 1157 as i doubt ill need things like a Batus parka and combat coveralls, but i dont wanna turn up with a couple of sets of combats and look a twazzock.

    so can anyone please help me out with a kit list of some description, or a rough guide to the course so i can aim off

    many thanks

  2. Call Tech Div at Keogh (if its still called that) and ask em what you will need.

    Might be an idea to pack some initiative while your at it!!!
  3. I would suggest foing to your QM department and sign out a bottle of "Basic common sense", is there a reason the REME didn't work for you or did they run out of spoons?
  4. I've just finished my Common Core CMT training mate. You're CRB won't be an issue. They fucked mine up and it took ages to come through. Its only when you get to your placement stage (about week 15/16o of the course) you need your CRB for.

    Kit wise..... For Common Core... 95's and Barrack dress (you spend so much time in fecking barrack dress), webbing, helmet, Bergen and all the usual shit. You only do afternoons 'in the field' during CC, and don't go on exercise until single service (20 weeks in) make sure you've got a full set of 2's with you as well.

    As far as the course goes.... You have a horrid first week doing jack all but sitting in a lecture hall, and I think they've just changed it so you'll do two weeks of basic skills when you first get there (prepared to be treated like a school kid!) then do a week on First Aid at work, move on to your MOD1 training which is your primary survey of a casualty and looking at basic anatomy which is 2 and a bit weeks, then MOD2 which is your secondary survey, packaging of casualties, looking at the nervous system, and getting right in to all the joints and workings of the body, you'll also touch on primary health care for a day. Then have a week doing random shit with single service to see what it’s like..... Thennnn on to what’s known as 4 week rotation, where you'll do a week on; Pharmacy, Environmental Health, Medical Simulation, DMICP (computer system) then that’s common core done mate, after that on to a 6 week clinical placement at a hospital or medical centre (which I finish tomorrow).

    After the placement you'll go back to Keogh for 8 weeks single service (as common core is tri-service) which is ranges, 2 exercises, care under fire and just putting your med skills in to practice in the field.....

    Hope this helps mate.... Might see ya knocking around Keogh in the next few weeks!
  5. is the CMT course similar to that of the RAF Medic course?, how long is the CMT course from start to finish, ie long enough to bring the wife and kids along?
  6. It's tri-service mate so it's the same.... The tri-service part (common core training) is 20 weeks, and I think the RAF single service is the same as outs which is 8 weeks.

    But to answer your question, I'm pretty sure they won't let you bring your family with you, it's a phase 2 barracks and you'll be living in the block in 6 man rooms....
  7. im going into Rsigs in july and just wondered how late into your service you transferred? although of course Rsigs is my 1st choice, always has been, it is always good just for piece of mind incase anything changes, or i would like to switch jobs, also your talking about selection, and interviews, and CRB's, surely, if your already in the services, that should be good enough? or will they trust you with a gun but not a patient if you have been done for some petty offence in the past ? thank you if i get a reply mate . just curious thats all .