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sounds like a really stupid question i know but someone asked me today was it possible to be classed as being awol from the TA. ie going on a leave of absence and not returning to unit when your leave was up ect.
As I understand It, you need to be serving under Military Law to go AWOL from the TA that used to mean Annual camp or Ex, Not sure if that doesn't now cover In barracks/Weekend training these days. Pretty certain no one has been to Colchester 'cos they never came back after a Leave of Absence.

Are you in Hiding? :D


no mate im not i went to sign up full time today and the recruiter asked the question had i officialy been discharged ect and im not sure. stupid of me i know but i had to move 350 miles south cos i lost ny home and didnt think about it until today
That chap that was locked up in Pakistan for 18 years or so was in the TA when he left to visit his relatives for a week.. wonder if he was charged when he returned :twisted:
Didn't you hand your kit in?

Haven't you recieved your certificate of discharge?

How long ago is it since you last attended anything with the unit?


I believe you asked the Online Team this. You can be classed as AWOL if you did not complete your TA contract or failed to complete the correct discharge process. If you enlist in the Army as a TA or ex TA soldier you retain your TA Army number. You need to contact the unit for an administrative discharge then the careers office can check if this has any effect on your recruitment into the Regular Army.
Ooooooh, naughty naughty - not a good start there me young man..... or girl!


Can you discharge yourself from the TA if you have already been in the army? because you can't if you re-join the regulars, your in to stay for the full 4 years.


Ahem I managed to absent myself from annual camp when tired and emotional and E&E all the way home. A short spell keeping my cell tidy for the remainder of annual camp and I was out again! Shouldnt really pay you all that money on a weekend!
As far as I am aware as soon as you walk into your TA centre you are under Mil law for the time period it states on the paysheet ie if you turn up on a Tues night at 1930. Only if you dissapear or fail to turn up during that time period are you AWOL.

It's difficult to 'not fulfull your TA contract' as it is a volunteer organisation.

With regard to joining the regulars, unless you transfer in via FTRS etc you must sign a self disharge form. Ask your admin clerk or RAO for one. Its quite simple to fill out and they shouldn't mind. Its better than not knowing what you are doing.

Hope that helps.



Its not voluntary its casual!


Unless you do an ugly on annual camp the ta dosent really bother itself.
Might go round to get your kit eventually but thats about it.
Should have joined you in the cell ugly.Giggling when dutch lost it was not a good move :D .


It was really not a bad bash and after all this time he may not have forgiven me he just has bigger and badder pains in the ass as an OC!
On the 12th I was invited in for a drink!
If it wasn't a VERY long period of absence, then apply for a transfer, rather than re-enlist.

Something similar happened to me. I moved 200 miles south to take up a job but the nearest unit with my mil occupation was 40 miles away. I was given a beret (different colour) and was told that they would seek GOC approval for the travel distance.

I managed two drill nights in two months, but no weekends. On the third time I went to a drill night the TAC was locked - I was told by the caretaker that they'd gone to Camp.

Great, I thought. If they can't even be bothered to send a letter about Camp, then sod them. They can contact me and I'll tell them where to stuff their unit. I wasn't particularly worried about the effects of missing Camp as I'd already done one that year (and got about 90 days in).

About 6 months passed and my Personnel Officer at work asked me how I was getting on with my new unit (he was an ex-Brigadier). I told him the story and he suggested that I join a Specialist Unit. I put my previous mil experience into the attic (now heading for RE, rather than Inf) and applied for a transfer which, eventually, came through.

The nice people said I could keep my rank and that I could also have trade pay on the basis of my civvy job. They also gave me a complete set of kit, despite the fact that I already had it. I found out 14 years later that the previous unit had struck me off strength as a non-attender and apparently had written off my kit (without contacting me to try to recover it). I'd actually re-enlisted rather than transferred, though I didn't realise this - possibly why it took a further 6 months for the paperwork to be sorted.

I only found out when, having been presented my Efficiency Medal, I commented that it had taken 20 years to get it, could I have a bar please. It turned out that the time from being struck off strength to being re-enlisted was 3 weeks longer than allowed for "continuous service" to count.

So, put in for a transfer and if you've been struck off strength, plead ignorance.

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