going annual camp Okehampton

going annual camp on sunday, hope it is a good one, will give a camp report when i get back after 2 weeks :)

byeeeeeeeeeee til then
arrived at Okehampton after a 6 hour drive,found the camp to be HILLY !, found our accomodation which also happens to be next to the
cookhouse :) NICE ! :D

i also have a Para in between training (jump injury) working for me, nice chap and keen, he did enjoy the camp and working with the kids and generally had a great time, he did also voice the opinion that there is too much HSE going , which unfortunatley is the way it is and he knows that too. i hope he goes away with a favourable impression of us.

went to the Church parade, :farao: which is exciting (not) training soon started with Fieldcraft, map work, etc , the Commandant of the RFCA
came down to have a look at what we do and came away suitably impressed, we later marched to Creepers Hill for 3 days of camping out which proved to be challenging with all the wind, we also devised a marching Chant to help them to march along with the bergans, weapons etc #people wanna know us, we we are, we are 1 star Alpha, Mighty Mighty Alpha, what company ?, 2 Company#
along with some songs,like "all the lady in red" a tradition that seemed to have started last year, might seem a bit American but hey it works,:boogie: we also moved to Bearwall Farm, once there we had a shootout for the Cadet over 2 days, we called the Enemy "The Talibans" :) ,we also had a little surprise for them, by staging a shooting and a pyrotecnics displays at 4.30 in the morning on the edge of the field where they were camping, hee hee, :cheers: it certainly woken them up. hee hee :D

we later went to the Woodlands Theme Park, it was ok, it is really aimed at a younger age group, the cadets were a bit dissapointed about that and were a but stroppy the next day's training as the day out was meant to be a carrot. (I brought this up during annual camp debrief and recommended a recce next time amongst other things)

the shooting competition was done on the DCCT, our company did very well and won it, one of the girl only joined at the last minute and achieved a 10mm grouping at 25m ! the best scores ever.

there were Sheeps everywhere ! a couple trotted onto the parade square and one of the Sergeants shouted "GET OFF MY PARADE SQUARE !" the sheeps looked shocked and stopped for a second before scarpering off, lol, it was funny.

we later ran a First Aid stand and our company did quite well, during which a Half Colonel and Captain of the of the RLC came down, during which we discussed Recruitment and retention for the ACF and i did suggest ways to be found to direct those medically unfit and too old toward the ACF, to avoid waste of skilled people, also a need for an offical policy as well as a TA Cadet Liason officer to improve communications and share resources and cooperation between unit based in Cadet units and parent badged units hopefully some of these ideas will be taken on.

on Saturday on our own initiative, our section went out to Okehampton Village for an Indian at the Ganges Restaurant ( the Best Indian I've had for a while), then to the King's Arm Pub for more drinkies after visiting many other pubs along the way,the following sunday was a Company p1ss up making 2 nights out in total :) , nice !

our County final Parade took place in the RAIN ! it p1ssed down so that we were drenched to the skin, however our Company won most of the competitions, so that made it ok :) we then marched round camp to our lines and had a company parade for awarding Star passed, best cadets etc.
half an hour later the sun came out and you should have seen the steam come off us !

the final night was spent on the DCCT for the Adults with the lowest score having to sing on the kareoke machine, we had an interesting shootout with so many different scenarios,which the cadets weren't allowed to go on, grates of beers was drunk afterward.

i felt i have grown on this camp, as this is my second camp as an instructor, i m now learning the camp routines, i did feel a bit at a loss on ocassions, i had to rely on old hand for advice and guidance, i expected it to be the same as last camp, but it wasn/t the case, also many ways of doing things was different, i also feel more accepted into a clique of extablished intructors, taking part in more social activities, i would expect i will do better next camp, bit more confident and hopefully become a Staff/Colour Sergeant by next camp.

Handover day, the day i hate, clean ups of Adults and Cadets accommodations, making sure the kids are ready and boarding the coach back, i was glad to be going tho, back to civilian routine and a few quids ahead, looking forward to a chance to unwind and relax in USA/Canada in 4 week time :).

I will be having my personal debrief on how well i have done in camp and see where i can improve on ready for next annual camp, Wathgill 2007, hope some of my feedback will be taken on board to make it a better one, we shall see.
to be fair mr ammo, promotion in our county is a lot harder to get than in others. This isn't knocking other counties, it's a shot at our own.

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