Going 38 ripon

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Karlos9, Mar 31, 2007.

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  1. Just found out last week I'm off to 38 on the 15th April. I cant wait to start there. I'm just glad I'm not stuck in tv troop for 4 months like some other lads. Whats 38 like? I've been told its one of the best UK postings. Any info about it appreciated. Cheers
  2. Welcome to the Corps and ARRSE, although I never served at 38 I wish you the best of luck. Hopefully you will be able to pass your Basic fitness tests unlike some newbies on here. :D

  3. Was never RE, but been to Ripon many times. It is (or was) a great place.
  4. Is not 38 due to move to NI soon and 21 move their from BFG ?
  5. yeah i heard there moving to NI sometime 2008.
  6. Whats your PFT time?

    Ae you going there as a SAT?
  7. 38 was quality when i was there & the area is tip-top also.

    enjoy your time there because i have heard that being in the province is toilet now & will be even worse when all the benefits are taken away as well.

  8. Don't worry NT, he'll more than likely pass first time and have no problems with his fitness. So no pi$$ taking from you. :twisted:

    NT have you done any running this weekend?
  9. Yep, 3 weeks leave and every 2nd day is a good few miles around the golf course.
  10. So I take it you will be flying round the BPFT course when you get back?
  11. 38 on desert tour til mid 07, due NI 08 sometime. Left 38 Sept 06, place ok town too small, rooms still 4man, quaters ok if your married. What SQN you joining, 15 staying in Ripon the rest moving to NI.
  12. We know that 21 are moving to Ripon, with 38 moving to NI allowing 25 to re-role to Air Support (as per FAS)

    Do we know where 25 will be living? Just curious, like...
  13. Think 25 off to scotland not sure where, jocks complaining that they have no engineer support!!
  14. I hated the place ,fantastic town ,down the sewers for a few on to bronties
    pizza house for a garlic pizza with extra garlic with flash G*rd*n and watch the clumsy beekeeper Jock L£$g head butting people and missing only to break his nose again :roll: :roll: lots of Ripon orphans ,place empty at weekends ,good bunch of lads though ,got to have transport though , I didn't and it was a nightmare to get any where, 9 hour on the train to get home but if you can get out and about do it loads to see and explore ,if you surf close to the coast also hills and lakes not too far away ,
    don't just sit and fester you will become twisted and jack the lot in I did :!: :!: :!: an have sort of regretted it a bit
    just go and enjoy yourself ,don't know what the security threat is now in the province but that is a beautiful place ,ahhhhh magilligan point(sp) in february
  15. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    So sign up again then!!