Goin for my Briefing...Any Advice ....

Hi guys, i'm goin for my briefing on the 21st and the 22nd of April and i mean i'm freaking out becos of the run...i mean the bleep test and all...i mean if i dont reach my time of 8.1 what happens does that mean i have failed miserable...that is really what is freaking me out at the moment...what shud i do i kn everyone's like go out and run yu kn i mean i go gym and all yeah... and i do the runs on the treadmill for 20mins... and i do that 3 times a week does that help...i really dont kn what to do....


Cant say too much about your briefing, but dont use text speak on this site. Just a word of advice.
Train as hard as you can. take a rest for two days before the test and then run as hard as you can on the test. If you fail you will at least have given it your best shot.


Ive got my final interview next Thursday(13th). Best advice i can give is do a bit of research about your chosen role, be positive and confident about your reasons for joining, be yourself and be honest. Theyre not looking for soldiers, theyre looking for potential soldiers, so just try and put across all of the motivations that made you want to join in the first place and you should be fine.

Good luck fella.

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