David Irving in the news has reminded me of an interesting book he wrote about Goering. Does anyone know of any recent revelations about how Goering might have got himself the cyanide pill thus avoiding the gallows?
Hmm, didn't know that.

I read the book some years ago, it wasn't too bad considering.
Funnily enough I finished reading the book a couple of weeks ago. I picked it up at a charity market in Sarajevo for 2 KM. Not a bad book for the price. I have since given it away.
The guard story doesn't add up to me. You are guarding one of the top Nazis with the world's spotlight on your prisoner and you sneak in messages in a fountain pen just to impress a bird? Well I guess if you are silly enough to do that then you are silly enough to believe that the fountain pen is going to contain medicine as opposed to lethal cyanide. Also, the external activities of all personnel at the trials must have been under surveillance by at least one if not all of the intelligence agency of the victors.
From memory, (I didn’t record the programme), they promoted the charisma of Goering and testimony that he could be ‘a great chap’ when he chose to be. An implication was that Goering and the young guard developed a friendly and respectful relationship, celebrity/notoriety being an attraction in itself. They spoke with the guards’ family who said he talked of having several long chats with Goering who impressed him and gave him several gifts, including the silver watch which was shown. Still, as said the book remains open so anyone can follow their fancy. :D

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