Goebbels legacy in the New Labour Party

Teddy out of the pram time. Close 'power gap', says minister

I was heretofore unaware that such a deeply stupid entity as a 'Communities Minister' existed, let alone one with such an apparently deeply stupid creature ensconced:

This nasty weasel is David Miliband.

"...Communities Minister...". I ask you. What the hell is that about? Does the Home Secretary not look after that territory, or is this, as I suspect, an appointment solely designed to merely enhance the PC spin drivelled out by the Home Office?

And here's what really made the stuffed bear hit the tiles: "In a speech to the National Council for Voluntary Organisations, he {the weasel} said: "We live richer, freer and less constrained lives. But the evidence suggests we are no more happy."

The root of this was a sense of "powerlessness".

Utter, absolute, supreme, inordinate, lying B*ll*cks. His foul, unprincipled party has introduced more legislation specifically designed to impoverish us, limit our precious freedoms and constrain us in every possible way, in the name of centralising control over us by a crypto-socialist gang of treacherous, hypocritical liars. Just in the last few months deep slices from the very basis of British personal freedom have been power-sawed. The 'powerlessness' he blethers about is caused by the very control he claims to be distributing outwards.

But, as Goebbels said, truthfully for once, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it."

Bstards. Hanging's too good.
Be afraid....... be very afraid. Young Millibrand is the scion of a right on leftist political party, has been an apparachik all his days and is, so it is apparently whispered in the corridors of new Lab, a potential leader.... sorry, Leader......... in the making. I think, and I may well be wrong, that his degree is not in Law, which makes him the exception rather than the rule for the new oligarchy.
Milliband is a complete apparatchik...a running dog in the league of Mick the Miller! All his "experience" is theorietical and he lacks the very essence of credibility which is proven capability. Still he talks a good war, spins like a whirling dervish and wears nasty suits a la Tony Blair. So he is right on message and will be there when the Neue Arbeit barbecue descends into roll-mat wearing milling contests...His brother is known as an evil piece of work and amusingly the in-crowd refer to "Dave" as the pleasant one! This is in the same spirit of irony which has Prezza referred to as the cultured one or Jack straw as the decisive one.
We live richer, freer and less constrained lives
I'm sorry , is this a news report from a parallel dimension?

Richer - If you're already a house owner, tough chebs if you are not. Oh, and debt is good, lot's of debt is even better. You are 'richer'

Freer - Buwahahahhahahahhaaaaaaaahahahahhahahahhaa

Less constrained - That means the same as the above doesn't it? ID cards, Biometric passports , chip and pin , more CCTV per square mile than any other country in the world , legislation coming to intercept and archive your personal communications, a back door requested into the new Windows Vista , Credit reference agencies able to reference your parking fines etc etc. Oh, and Buwahahahahhahahahahaa to that too.
In other news, the Ministry of Plenty refuted a rumor of reduction in the chocolate ration from 20 grams within the next two weeks.

Also, our forces celebrated a glorious victory over Eastasia on the Malabar front.
"We live richer, freer and less constrained lives, especially now the Farmer has gone." The Minister then went on to express, that in his considered opinion "Four Legs good, two legs bad"
Salaries are high to attract quality people. We know this is true because we are told so by people who class themselves as 'quality'. Miliband's 'post' has been created to give another brownnose a larger salary. As for the greater freedoms, it's already been said.

Ref VB's link to salaries and perks. Why do MPs need a higher private car mileage rate than HMAF and the Civil Service? No mention about mistresses being entitled to MP's rail warrants/tickets. What does the braile version say?

Another face I'd never tire of punching. There's a thread of them somewhere.
Seadog said:
Salaries are high to attract quality people.
Quality people(sic) would not, to quote Ms Campbell, get out of bed for the sort of salary commanded by even our Tone or Gordy-boy - let alone this tame chimp of a professional politician. Their motivations are usually different too. Most politicians are looking at status and recognition, self esteem and power as their motives, rather than self-actualisation, creativity, achievement and challenge. This is most commonly evidenced when a politician finds themselves conflicted by a decision where route x will be about achievement and challenge and route y is about maintaining their own status or getting recognised. This is why most politicians (avoiding a generalisation) are actually poor leaders.

(With apologies to Abraham Maslow!)
What's more - he's probably another card carrying kapoc-cruncher.
Miliband is another Neu Arbeit Minister who's never had a real job. His biog reveals that:

David's first job was in the voluntary sector, working for the National Council for Voluntary Organisations. He was then Research Fellow at the Institute for Public Policy Research, and from 1992-94 Secretary of the Commission on Social Justice, set up by the then Leader of the Labour Party, John Smith, to work out new approaches to welfare policy. From 1994 to 1997 David worked as Head of Policy for Tony Blair, working on the policies that would help Labour into government. He was then Head of the Prime Minister's Policy Unit in Downing Street during Labour's first term inoffice from 1997 to 2001. He helped found the Centre for European Reform, and has edited two books, Reinventing the Left, and Paying for Inequality.
His wife plays the violin in the LSO; they live in London but also spend time in his constituency, apparently.

David is a member of the Whiteleas and Cleadon Social Clubs
Both formerly district working men's clubs - an odd choice for someone who appears never to have done an honest day's work in his life. No doubt it helps him understand the difference between his own background and those of his constituents.
A real man of the people. One who contributes to the GDP with the strength of his back, the wit of his brain and the sweat of his brow.

No, not really. Just a parasitical, blood-sucking leech. Scum of the Earth.

(edited to add emphasis to the 'parasitical' bit).
Cuddles, when you quoted me, you did see my sarcasm pennant flying, didn't you?

Salaries are high to attract quality people. We know this is true because we are told so by people who class themselves as 'quality'.
Someone who would do the job for nothing save actual expenses would be quality. Not in it to line their pockets and enjoy the trappings of princes.

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