Godwin's Law, Chef's theory

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Chef, Oct 26, 2010.

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  1. Seems like the best place for a well thought out reply,

    Godwin's Law states that any internet discussion will eventually result in Hitler or the Nazis being brought into the frame.

    My proposal is that any news article involving anything vaguely military, including any gun from air pistol upwards, will eventually include a mention of the SAS or SF, as in the police training to respond to a terrorist threat with 'SAS style' training.

    A sub clause states that any malefactor who has ever worn uniform is always an 'ex-soldier' even if they spent one day at an army open day prior to joining the RAF, or guides.
  2. You could call it 'The Balcony Rule'
  3. I was talking about this very point with a mate from Hereford the other day.
  4. Why is everybody who is involved in bomb disposal called an expert?
    You never read about a bomb disposal buffoon or an expendable numpty bomb kicker in the press.
  5. chef
    What are your views on the SLR?
  6. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    That's actually rather good - I shall attempt to spread the word!!!
  7. The Boat House Rules?
  8. Ah, it's 18:20 and the police, guns and SAS have just been mentioned on the news.

    Chef's law, surely?
  9. A fine man stopper, far better than the plastic thingy with little bullets. however as I was special forces they gave me a small metal gun, which was lighter!

    Now, I come to think back, the nice man at the armoury just said 'speshul' he didn't mention forces at all. But I KNEW what he meant!
  10. Wasn't Hitler not fond of the SAS? In fact I don't think the Nazis as a whole like the British SF
  11. Chef, did you not have something far more lethal? A hotplate spatula ;-)
  12. The trusty 'Fish Slice/Bottle Opener'
  13. I had some cook's greys, and an MST(WHI)* Mk 1, I plan selling them on E-Bay 'as used by SF/PARA/SAS definitely mil spec, not availible on civilian market. No export licence requ'd, old spec deac.

    *Metal Shovelly Thing (With Holes In).
  14. I only asked that "tongue in cheek" because Godwin's law says that it will always crop up in any thread on here with monotonous regularity....insert smiley thing.
  15. At least we got to post number 10 before the self fulfilling prophecy became apparent.