'Gods Will is Stronger Than US Weaponry

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Admittedly this came from arabnews.com but it doesn't bode well for our (well the US) hearts and minds campaign.   ???

Still, it seems pretty cool that they are all ready to die for their cause 'cos the USMC when they enter Baghdad were thinking the same thing... ;)

I wonder about the logic of these ragheads and whether when they say they are happy to die for their country/leader/religion they (a) mean it :eek:, (b) mean it but will change their mind later  :-[ or (c) don't mean it but just say it for the interviewer ::).

Because if it's (b or c) they'd better have worked out a way to surrender to a 200 round burst of 30mm as it comes whistling through the side of their bus... ;D

and people wonder why I'm so happy.... :D

Exclusive: ‘God’s Will is Stronger Than US Weaponry’
Mohammed Alkhereiji, Arab News War Correspondent

AMMAN, 1 April 2003 — There are over 40,000 Iraqi exiles already in Jordan, but since the start of the war it has become obvious that predictions of thousands more arriving as refugees were Iraqi gross miscalculations.

What in fact appears to be happening is the opposite. Huge numbers of the Iraqi exiles who initially left Iraq because of political reasons have decided to return to participate and fight side by side with their Iraqi brothers.

According to the Iraqi Embassy in Amman, 5,700 Iraqis have left Jordan to go and fight what they believe is an invasion and potential occupation of their home country.

“We have catered to these 5,700 Iraqis to get their documents in order,” said Jawad Al-Ali, the Iraqi Embassy’s press attache, in an interview with Arab News. “Some have lost their passports or their papers have simply expired,” Al-Ali added. “On the first day of the war, we processed the papers of 2,500 Iraqis, and they are still coming.”

Large groups are taking buses from midtown Amman for $17 per person in order to make their way back to Baghdad.

But what of the past? “I’ve lived in Jordan for the last 10 years,” Azziz Alzumaan, 42, who owns a small kabab shop in downtown Amman, told Arab News. “I left for political reasons and to find a peaceful life, but those things are not important anymore.”

“I’m going home to be with my family and to fight the invading aggressors, and God willing we will win or die trying,” he added. Azziz left on the morning bus to Baghdad. A 12-hour ride to his past, present and future.

Also, the first free bus to Baghdad left here yesterday, courtesy of one of Saddam Hussein’s sons, with 50 Iraqi men on board.

“It was too expensive for me to leave before, but now the trip is free and I’m going back to fight for my country,” said Samir, a 35-year-old construction worker.

He added that he was going back to Basra, the main southern Iraqi city partially controlled by the US/UK forces where pockets of Iraqi resistance still remain.

Also yesterday, dozens of “volunteers” left Beirut to take up arms in Iraq, proclaiming they were ready to embrace death to expel US and British forces from Arab land, witnesses said.

The mostly Lebanese young men, enraged by gruesome television images showing Iraqi civilian casualties of the 12-day-old war, left by land via Syria to join the fight. Witnesses saw 36 volunteers cross the Lebanese border into Syria in a bus. They said they were on their way to Iraq.

And some 15 young Algerians gathered yesterday outside the Iraq Embassy in Algiers, proclaiming themselves ready to die as martyrs to defend the “honor and dignity of Arabs and Muslims” as the “enemies of humanity” wage war on Iraq.

“I don’t know the first thing about using weapons, but I learn quickly,” said Ali, who, judging by his peace-fuzz beard, couldn’t be a day over 20.

Next to him, a self-assured Samir piped up: “I know how to use a Kalashnikov and an RPG (rocket launcher). I did my military service. The Kalash is a great weapon.”

They and a small group of youths from throughout Algeria had gathered outside Baghdad’s embassy in Algiers to show their willingness to defend Iraq against “Bush and Blair, enemies of humanity.”


So out of millions of Arabs a few thousand are joining up?  Sounds like a good way to eradicate future terrorists in one fatal swoop...


yup , shoot them as soon as they cross into iraq  ;D  ,
i reckon a lot of the talk is bravado when faced with the brits and his challenger tank i think most of them decide that allah dont need them in paradise just yet  ::)
I could say a lot about the words 'backwards' and 'religion', but I won't.  If God's will is mighty, then the next few months should be interesting for the rag heads........