Gods Trade

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by whistler, Sep 28, 2005.

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  1. Alright then guys & gals. let me stir up a hornets nest. Rather than include this in the 'new signals trades' thread, it's probably better to start a new one (I've searched and can't see that it's been done before - although there are references galore in other threads).

    If I was to vote for what some here are referring to as 'god's trade' - in the old days it would have definitely have been RTG mainly because they were Jacks-of-all-trades, some might cruelly say masters of none.

    They had a grip on all things radio, theoretical and practical.
    Well versed in the art of procedures.
    The good ones only called out tech support to borrow their soldering iron.
    They only needed someone to look at their generators or vehicles when they were really broke or needed servicing.
    Any 'funny' jobs that the Corps inherited, like some of the stuff at 14 Sigs and NI were generally filled by RTGs.

    In short, if a deployment was going to take place and we didn't know what was entailed (you'd be surprised at how many times that has happened) then a gaggle of RTGs were sent as they generally had enough background knowledge to make it work.

    OK, so the restructuring of trades has taken place - who has inherited this mantle? My instincts tell me RS Op because of the above (they are trained in IT and feed IS supervisory trades at present as well).

    I read plenty by geeks telling me that IS is the way to go. I work in that industry and, hell, it pays the mortgage - but it's not exactly exciting is it? (acid test, if it's that difficult how come you're doing it?).

    Let the debate begin and may I precurse this by not inviting people who don't have anything constructive, amusing or worthwhile to say.
  2. Sorry Whistler I think you made a boo boo maybe even a little wah

    Gods trade was always known as the Telecommunications Mechanic the humble Telemech was commonly reffered to as Godmech I thought this was common knowledge throughout the corps.

    You cant claim the mantle of Gods Trade if your a handbag
  3. They were always linies who didn't like getting their hands dirty when I knew them (2 tours of 21 amongst others).
  4. Waaahhhhhhhh Soz Whistler Bolox never seen a liney do exchange wiring or install an aerial cable splice fibre joint 500Pr cable

    Bite over RTG RAD OPS with a bit of morse new them at 7 sigs and in the gulf with them

    Bite over
  5. i believe gog mech is a mythical character who no one has ever seen but the rumour i heard was he is a major still in trade and as such chief mech or 'godmech'
  6. Any 'funny' jobs that the Corps inherited, like some of the stuff at 14 Sigs and NI were generally filled by RTGs.

    Whistler, i do believe that the RTG were employed 'in trade' at 14 sigs and were used within the Bde Sqns in NI - No recollection of this TG ever being employed in any other area that they were not qualified to fill ?
  7. A barrage...

    BTW - never said I was a(n) RTG, however:

    To Scousemech - Telemech, you call them God's Trade - back it up - I want the facts - and pulling fibre all over an exchange will not convince me or anyone else (except other telemechs).

    To Smooj - like it.

    To Pagan Grail - I think you'll find that some of the jobs that RTGs do in 14 (and previously 640) were not covered by their RSTOs. Any former or serving members please do feel free to agree/deny - obviously without going into too many details. Even within the Bde's in NI there were some jobs that RTGs are/were doing that they weren't trained for and not all Sigs in NI work in the Bde's. What we're talking about is the Corps utilisation of this versatile tradesman/person - in short Gods Trade - still to be convince otherwise.
  8. Whistler, you only have to look at how many RTGs make WO1 or get commissioned (as RD or YofS).

    Ask any Corps Col level DE officer the question and I bet they don't say Telemech!!
  9. STOP, STOP, i can't take anymore! My sides are splitting with laughter! Smelly-techs God's own trade! they're an half way house to being a thicknitian! Go on tell another! 500 pair, ooh i bet that is really hard. A & B legs colour codes, help, help. just remember that Smelly-techs and Thicknitians are really clever people with no common sense! They can tell you how many onions are in the jar and their square root in an instant off the top of their heads................ ask them to unsrew the lid of the jar and take an onion from it and they are fucked!!
  10. Not to mention SOinC(A)!!
  11. That was the old one mate, don't think the new one is so blessed!!!

  12. Correct, but perhaps if he gets down every night and prays to the chief RTG - then he might be allowed honorary membership on a part time basis.
  13. I wouldn't necessarily disagree that RTg had its place - generally, they made OK brews and their CW working, although painfully slow and stunted in terms of the number of letters they knew, was OK. They were pretty good to have along on a det also - my RTg (I think you might remember him, whistler - we called him "Mugger") was pretty damn good at digging and loved digging a trench to Stage III during a 24-hour stop in a location.

    My problem with them was what tended to happen somewhere between senior Cpl and Sgt when, for no discernible reason, they would be teleported away to a mythical place known to we Not Real Signals Types as "Bland-where?" for some sort of a three-week attendance course and then reappear, clad in red tights and with their underpants on the outside as Masters Of The Universe.

    Still Band 6, of course....

    Note -> :)
  14. hehehehe, nice one GIAO. I wouldn't have expected anything less from you.

    My recollection was not stopping for 24 hours in one place too many times - so he got off lightly.
  15. Yup, the average stay in one loc was far more usually in the 6-8 hour range. I'd only make him dig to Stage I in those cases. All heart, me.