Gods own classic car?

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by crabby, Apr 1, 2008.

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  1. What would God drive? (1. If he/it existed, 2. If it/he was capable of operating machinery, 3. If it/he hadn't lost his licence for speeding in Wales)

    I like to imagine God wafting around in a Rover P5B and then at weekends going shooting with a battered old defender.

    I also have an image of a volvo p1800 sitting in a garage, with God occasionally pondering why he bought it, but unable to bring himself to part with it.

    He spends his evenings browsing classfied classic car ads, waiting for his perfect E-Type to come up, but nothing is ever quite right...

    Anyone got any other suggestions?
  2. As God often appears in the Bible in a fiery chariot, dropping off or picking up odd prophets, then it is probably a Triumph Spitfire. Both of mine and my wife's caught fire on a number of occasions...

    Moses of course as we know was an aficionado of British classic motorcycles, and indeed the roar of his Triumph was often heard through the land...
  3. As Gods an Englishman, he's got an uprated MG BGT for daily use and a DB5 for the weekends. What else could he possibly want to drive?
  4. He'd only have had a Spitfire if he didn't want to get anywhere in a hurry, ever.

    Which leads me onto the last car in God's garage; a DB4 for when he's going on grotty weekends to a posh hotel with his new blonde thing
  5. His classic garage doubtless contains a 1956 Jag XK140 Roadster. However, most of the time he drives an Aston Martin like all the other gods. Probably a DB9.
  6. Bang on with the Rover P5B and I like your thinking about the Volvo. However, much as I am a fan of the Land Rover I think God might use something rather more quirky as a shooting brake. Perhaps an Ex WD "tilly" that is held together purely by Divine benevolence?


    Here He is putting some poults out. After all, He does move in mysterious ways!

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  7. How encouraging that of the 5 posts on the thread so far (6 with this one), we all recogise that God would drive a British car/bike.

    (He is of course, a Welshman).

    Crabby, your errant comment about the volvo must have been whispered to you by beelzebub.

    He probably has quite a collection, including an old Racing Bentley, several old jags, an MG BGT, the odd Aston Martin, and a Triumph motorbike or two.
  8. MG-A, quite simply beautiful

  9. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Almost everything on this thread so far has been on this list:

    Motoring Porn/Heaven

    The Telegraph 100 most beautiful cars list, with pictures!!!!!!!!!

    For me it has to be the Jag XK 120/40/50, it is just stunning!
  10. The volvo in at 100, landy 85.... yet the american piece of sh*te Chevrolets, Cadillacs and a fecking Ford Granada are above that!

    Some people have no taste.

    I really don't think he'd own a triumph... and nothing German, God hates the Germans (2 world wars later)
  11. God was conceived in the back of this

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  12. Scweik, despite your heretical suggestion that god is a welshman(...blaaagh! After all if he made us in his image, why are we not all dark, stunted and beetle browed then?) you are on the right lines. There is only one car that God would drive...it is this...

  13. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Or possibly this. I had one and fell in lust.

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  14. God's own car

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  15. nah the green Bentley