Gods Next Army

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Xenophon, Jun 5, 2006.

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  1. I don't know how many of you are watching this on Channel 4 right now. It is extraordinary. These people profess to be Christians. If they are running the USA 25-30 years from now I doubt if there will much turning the other cheek (not that the USA does it now but how will evangelical Christians justify this? An eye for an eye is Old Testament!). Their completely one-sided view is very disturbing. I don't think they have heard of, yet alone practise, the Christian ethic 'love thy neighbour as thyself'. Possibly they have but will only stick to it only so long as he is not gay, is not contemplating abortion, does not need social security or healthcare. What is so incredible is that these kids are so brainwashed by home education that they are totally naive about the hypocrisy of the political culture they are espousing and will not be convinced that there is an alternative. If you think Neo-Con policies are bad now these people are going to make it a lot worse in the future. If they ever get a toe-hold in the political structure of the USA. Let's hope they will be marginalised as crazies but somehow I doubt they will be. Theirs is a totally perverted view of what Jesus Christ taught and although I am not practising I do appreciate the humanity of it - I cannot see how they can.
  2. Schooled at home, the brainwashing continues in further education. These poor feckers have no chance

    These people as far as I can see are actually mentally ill, obsessed and delusional.
    There is no difference between them and fundamentalist muslims

    Fundamentalism of any kind is dangerous

    Scary but its happening now!!
  3. They've all lived very sheltered lives. I expect most of them are pretty brittle and will unravel spectacularly in the real world. The pressure on them to succeed is horrendous. But if one or two make it through they could change American politics. One of the things Channel 4 didn't make clear was whether they were all mainstream protestants; I expect they are. The fact that they will savage on sight any Mormons, Baptists or Catholics (who should be natural political allies) will probably put paid to any coherent evangelical Christian wing.
  4. I couldn't agree more. That beatific gleam on their faces, the absolute certainty that they know exactly what God wants...it's the look of dangerous fanatics anywhere.

    These people are particularly dangerous because they're trained in scare-tactic politics. Like stirring up marginal voters by throwing out the "gay marriage" or "partial-birth abortion" boogeymen and getting people outraged enough to vote on single issues. After all, who in America doesn't want to look like a good Christian, even if they can't be ARRSEd to read up on the budget or the war? Their handlers have a good sense of how to get a bored, apathetic American audience worked up.

    I dealt with a few of these political types in my former career and I don't miss this part of American culture AT ALL.
  5. Double posting...
  6. I say they all have a night out at the excellent 'Jerry Springer the Opera'. A dose of Stewart Lee's sense of what the world's about might snap them out of the dangerous idiotic dogma they're propagating. These fascists need to be exposed and ridiculed at every opportunity.
  7. What scary bunch of melonfarmers ,fundamentalist christian sleepers networking their way into the whitehouse.But did you clock the reaction of the fat staffer in the corridor when they braced him.Surprised he didn`t throw salt over his shoulder and say "get thee behind me satan". :twisted:
  8. I normally would not quote myself, but see my above post...what a surprise that this story comes up today. :roll:

    Bush Urges Gay Marriage Ban

    Regardless of how you feel about the issue, there's a strong argument that this is a red herring to distract a waning and reluctant fanbase.
  9. All is not well at Patrick Henry College. I didn't see the report but frankly I've never heard of the place , in other words I think it's influence is over-stated.
  10. Virgil, it's entirely possible that the college itself is just a fringe school, like St. Thomas Aquinas for the junior Opus Dei types...also, from the article you sent, it's clearly having startup problems based on its own dogma.

    The documentary itself focused on political evangelism, and did seem to identify a strong theme in American politics. It was quite interesting if you get a chance.
  11. Which Thomas Acquinas college are you talking about, there's more than one in the US I think. Did you mean Ave Maria University which was just founded by that conservative Catholic who made his money founding Domino's Pizza? With some exceptions, most Catholic univerities and colleges in the US are relatively secular institutions now.

    I found out that Patrick Henry College isn't even accredited (certified) as an institution. Which means in some states it's a crime to put a 'degree' from there forth as evidence of lurnin' and can't use it as proof of education for many private and all civil service jobs. Good, ignorant b*st*rds.
  12. Virgil, you may well be right but when these goons were on a field trip to Capitol Hill to lobby legislators in support of their outrageous views you might have been surprised at how many of their targets knew about PHC. True, most of the politicos just couldn't wait to get rid of them and I got the impression that all they wanted to say was 'PHC? Fcuk Off' but because of the camera they didn't. They could be a force in US domestic politics in the next 10-15 years - very scary.
  13. God Botherers - Everywhere!
  14. They are all heretics anyway...
  15. Patrick Henry College is, in fact, non-denominational: the President went to a Catholic (Jesuit indeed!) university - Gonzaga in Washington State. So long as you subscribe to their Bible centred "fundamentalist" World view, no member of the above mentioned groups (with possible exception of Mormons) would be excluded per se, although obviously it's a complete non-starter for Jews, Muslims etc! But who other than a Bible whacker would want to go there, and that's the point! Couldn't help but notice an apparent lack of black faces amongst the students portrayed - very unusual for any US college/ univ, even in Maine, but particularly in Virginia!

    They've had problems retaining some teaching staff (recent spate of sackings & resignations), and accreditation is also an issue because the pledges required of all faculty, employees and students are deemed incompatible with intellectual/ academic freedom, prejudicial to some minorities (eg homosexuals) etc.. So, in the real world, the degrees are worth very little.

    Undergrad curriculum - Bible centred ethos aside - appears pretty comprehensive/ demanding, but oddly lacking in chemistry: risks raising too many awkward questions perhaps? Programme didn't show lab or sports facilities - again, particularly odd for an American college as they're usually incredibly well resourced in these areas. Maybe it's just early days and they haven't got round to building them yet, but the suspicion remains that such facilities present too many opportunities for "deviance"!

    The mindset portrayed is not that unusual in many parts of the USA: the KKK revival of the 1920s exploited this "paranoid style" (R Hofstadter) enabling the Klan to spread its influence way out of its Deep South heartland throughout the Midwest, and a lot of it's still about! That stated, I still think that these people do not represent any serious thread of mainstream American opinion - it's a huge and incredibly diverse country, and when push comes to shove these nutters are going to be competing with thousands of very talented graduates of real intellectual powerhouses (and there are more than a few such places in the US of A!) who have a very different vision of what America can and should be!