Gods Chosen Children

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by stiflers_mom, Apr 17, 2005.

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  1. People say "GCC isnt the be all and end all" and I say that is complete bóllócks. For example.
    In my regiment a guy, lets for arguments sake say Sgt X the MT Sgt of Z Bty, is told on his CR "he is the best MT Sgt in the regiment" This guy being a bit long in the tooth is not eligible for GCC.
    Sgt Y, an MT Sgt in U Bty is told that he is in the top five Sgts within the Regiment and is a must for GCC.
    Sgt X was told that he is only in the top third on his CR.
    How can Sgt Y be in the top five and Sgt X not when Sgt X is obviously better at his job?
    Is it because Sgt Y needs the right things putting on his CR for that GCC recommendation? I think so.

  2. Just a couple of points to think about.
    Just because he's the best MT Sgt doesn't mean he a better Sgt.
    And of course people are written up for GCC as it adds kudos to the Regt (and CO) to get as many people on the course as possible.
  3. Or just possibly one has better overall potential rather than a narrow field of excellence. It is not just about making the Regiment look good it is about recognising the individuals strengths and true potential.
  4. So that being the case, how is this guy supposed to compete against the "cream" of other regiments when he isnt even the best in his own regiment at his job? At the end of the day, screw the kudos, tell people how it is and say "OK, you arent the best Sigs, Mt, Launcher, Gun Sgt but you are eligible so we are going to push you for the course"
  5. This is what I meant about not being the best at his job. Everyone should be good at his job at SNCO level so maybe they see the younger one having that little something extra to make it outside of specialisation.
  6. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    Good point SM, i also believe that many of these people are shown in a better light just to be able to have a better chance at RA MCM Divs selection matrix.

    I am not saying everybody who gets onto GCC does not deserve it, far from it, however it has happened in the past in my experience and if everybody here is honest they will remember someone who fits into this catagory
  7. More than one!
    A good bit of snecking goes a long way!
  8. Only people who have missed out on GCC are the ones that say it isnt the be all and end all
  9. Let’s face it, if you were any good you would be on the cse. If a good man misses the boat it’s usually because of a problem early on in his career which stopped him hitting the timelines. I know this is tough and people always say special cases should be made, but why? This just disadvantages lads who have hit all the timelines.

    GCC is a cracking way of ensuring young good SNCOs move up through the system quickly

    When people don’t get it they blame everything except the real reason:

  10. Good call Wittmann - bet you take some heat for it, though... :D
  11. Yup

    roundly hated by everyone
  12. Not wanting to turn this into a them and us area, do you not think that the challenge and variety of a a life in the Gunners is somewhat stiffled by being chosen/selected and then being nurtured, micro managed and then projected towards GCC.

    Obviously Im not GCC but see that many blokes from the same sort of joining dates have a habit of stabbing each other in the back in order to get noticed for GCC.

    And also some that are weak, spineless and very inexperienced resulting in poor command and control.

    Can you seriously put your hand on your heart and say that all those that attend and complete GCC are shit hot?

    GCC is a means to an end and there are plenty of other avenues available to soldiers in the Gunners, agreed without the promotion but job satisfaction and quality of life?

    Who the Feck wants to be a BSM anyhow

    It should be an individuals choice.
  13. You get GCC off the back of good reports, (top 10% of a year yada yada), so generally the guys who get it would have got on anyway

    Yes some GGC graduates are ******* but on the whole they are good lads and quite widely based

    You are right however in hinting at the GCC con, the con is that every one can be a WO1, they cant and shouldn’t try, the best soldier I know is a SSGT (non GCC) and one of the most honest and straight guys I know is a career full screw.

    Reach your ceiling but be happy is probably the best motto, constant focus on career makes Jack a dull boy

    As for who wants to be a BSM, it was the best job I ever had, I miss my Bty every day
  14. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    I was a Staffy, lets say I "enjoyed" life as a young soldier, as a civvy now on reflection I would have not had those last dodgy fighting beers :lol:
  15. EXBQMS

    Once a year I meet up with 5 or 6 friends who now all have left the Army (we all served in Paderborn and Colchester between 84 and 93) I am the only one still serving

    I tell you what though mate, when we meet we talk more about those last “dodgy fighting beers” than fu*king GCC

    You have your beer memories and be proud

    it’s what it’s all about,